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Birth name: Marco Antonio Solis.
Born: December 29, 1959 Ario de Rosales, Michoacan, Mexico.

Marco Antonio Solis biography (bio):
Marco Antonio Solis is a Mexican singer, composer, and record producer.

Early life and career:
Solis started his career at the age of 12 as one half of Los Hermanitos Sols, with brother Joel Solis. In the mid-1970s he formed Los Bukis with whom he achieved great success in Mexico, Central and South America, as well as with Hispanic listeners in the United States. As lead singer and chief song-writer of Los Bukis, Solis became known in the industry for outside writing and producing for popular singers such as Marisela and Rocio Durcal. In 1996, after almost 20 years of working with the group, he decided to pursue a solo career.

As a solo artist he has remained wildly popular in his native Mexico as well as in countries throughout Latin America and Spain. In the United States, Sols has been successful, with over thirty entries on Billboard's Hot Latin Tracks chart, including multiple number one hits. His albums have also been successful within the U.S. Latin community. He also remains a sought after record producer, having worked with Olga Tan, Laura Flores, and most recently Enrique Iglesias and Anais, among others.

Public Image:
Solis has avoided public exposure outside of his music. For example, he has not been in any major scandals.
Marco Antonio Solis : Tu Amor
Marco Antonio Solis : Tu Amor
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Marco Antonio Solis : Marco
Marco Antonio Solis : Marco
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