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Birth name: Malandra Elizabeth Newman.
Born: 4 November 1965 Woolton, Liverpool, England, UK.

She started dancing after encouragement from her mother, under the tutelage of Billy Pearce's mother Jean: she appeared on YTV’s "Junior Showtime" at the age of six. In 1974 Malandra Newman became the youngest-ever winner of New Faces, appearing on the same "all-winners" show with Les Dennis and Victoria Wood. Her interest in music continued throughout her early adolescence and in 1978 she won the BBC Merseyside song writer of the year award, at the age of thirteen.
After deciding that she wanted to be a performer, she joined the Everyman Youth Theatre, in Liverpool, did classes at Liverpool Theatre School and also did productions with a local amateur dramatics company at St Peter's, in Woolton, whilst continuing to perform musically. After leaving school with eleven O-levels, she enrolled in a Liverpool drama school, where she remained for two years learning her future trade of acting — changing her surname to Burrows for registration with Equity.
Burrows has had minor musical success in the UK Singles Chart, reaching number 11 with the song 'Just This Side Of Love' in 1990.
She then released a self penned single 'Summernight Love' in 1996 on AATW/DKAM Records (#185 UK). This resulted in a recording contract with Warner Bros and two more singles ("Carnival in Heaven" and "Don't Leave Me") also hit the UK charts (albeit the lower reaches: #49 and #54, respectively).
Burrows first name, Malandra, is a portmanteau of her parents' names, Malcolm and Sandra.
Burrows lives in Yorkshire at present, and her tabloid publicised list of ex-admirers includes Darren Day. She is also a Liverpool F.C. supporter.

Notable roles:
-Kathy Glover in Emmerdale.
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