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Birth name: Ashley Maitland Welkos.
Born: February 3, 1977 in Long Beach, California.
Height: 6' (1.83 m).
-Terry Baxter (21 October 2006 - present).

Maitland Ward (born Ashley Welkos, on February 3, 1977 in Long Beach, California) is most commonly known as Rachel McGuire from the hit prime time series, Boy Meets World.
She starred as Jessica Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful, where she appeared for three years. She landed that role, which was only her second major audition, when she was 17 and still a junior in high school. Although acting has always been her lifelong passion, Maitland didn't actually pursue a professional career until that time.
After graduating from high school, Maitland attended Cal State University at Long Beach where she was a member of Sigma Kappa sorority and continued to focus on her acting.
Maitland has had guest-starring roles on USA High and ABC's Home Improvement; and co-starred with Jay Thomas and Mario Lopez in the dramatic movie, Killing Mr. Griffin. She also appeared in the independent film, Dish Dogs, a romantic comedy in which she co-stars with Brian Dennehy, Matthew Lillard and Sean Astin.
The six foot blonde most recently appeared in the 2004 comedy White Chicks.
It was reported in The New York Times that she married Terry Baxter on October 21, 2006.
She was up for the lead in the WB show "Zoe, Duncan, Jack, and Jane" which, because it's produced by Disney & Touchstone, led to a holding contract with Disney and eventually to "Boy Meets World."
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maitland ward : 1
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