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Born: November 1, 1946 in Orange, New Jersey, USA.

Lynne Russell biography (bio):
She is best known for anchoring prime time newscasts on CNN Headline News from 1983 to 2001. This stint made her the first woman to anchor a nationally-televised prime time news program.
In college, Russell studied nursing, but dropped out and started working at a Colorado radio station, first as a receptionist, later as a DJ and talk radio host.
Russell was one of the most popular anchors on CNN Headline News and had a cult following during her career at CNN. She left Headline News just prior to the 2001 radical changes at the network.
After CNN, Russell spent time authoring her autobiography, How to Win Friends, Kick Ass, and Influence People (1999), and is a licensed private detective and sheriff's deputy. She has two black belts in the martial art of Choi Kwang-Do. A current side career and hobby is making her own hand-crafted lampshades and selling them from her official Web site.
Russell and her husband, Thomas Beck, moved to Toronto, Ontario, Canada in July 2005. Beck, a German citizen, is the current president and CEO of the Canadian German Chamber of Industry and Commerce. In May 2006, Russell became a news reader for CBC Newsworld. She is mostly seen doing the afternoon and weekend shifts - reading news headlines and conducting live interviews.
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