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Luna Ad Noctum is a black metal band from Walbrzych, Poland. The band was formed in 1998 by bass player/vocalist Adrian Nefarious, guitarist Tomas Infamous, drummer Dragor Born Inflames, and keyboardist Noctivagus.

In 2001 they recorded their first sepulchral demo CD, Lunar Endless Temptation.

In 2002 Dimnes Profound had been released in Poland by a label called Pagan records. A year later, Scotland's Golden Lake Production released the album worldwide. After the European release, the band was invited to play shows across England and Belgium.

In the beginning of 2004 the band recorded their second LP, which featured eight tracks centred around a black metal sound. The second album was released by Metal Mind Production in June of 2004. After the album was released the band played several shows supporting Cannibal Corpse. Also they took part in the XVIII edition of Metal Mania. In mid 2004, the band participated in the first edition of the Black Diamonds Tour, playing nine shows across Poland with Hermh and Asgaard.

In June of 2006, Luna Ad Noctums recorded and released their third LP, The Perfect Evil in Mortal, which was released by Metal Mind Productions worldwide.

* Adrian Nefarious bass, vocals
* Tomas Infamous guitar
* Blasphemo guitar
* Dragor Born Inflames drums
Luna Ad Noctum : Luna Ad Noctum1
Luna Ad Noctum : Luna Ad Noctum1
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