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Birth name: Jepther McClymont.
Born: October 20, 1964 Manchester, Jamaica.

Luciano biography (bio):
Luciano is a Jamaican roots reggae artist.
He first begun recording in 1992 under his first name Luciana, with his debut single "Ebony & Ivory" on the Aquarius Record label and followed with his debut album 'Moving Up' for RAS records in 1993. Luciano is the seventh of nine children and was born to extremely spiritual and musical parents while growing up in Daveyton, a small district in the central parish of Manchester, Jamaica.

His birthdate has been more listed as 1974 and sometimes in the month of November rather than October. Some sources say he was born in 1964.

Strongly influenced by Stevie Wonder, Frankie Paul and the great and late reggae star Dennis Brown. It was later on that he changed his stage name to Luciano while often being referred to as "The Messenjah" and also at around that time collaborating with Fattis Burell's Xterminator label where he developed his conscious roots aspect. After recording several LPs for Burell he even recorded a set for Island records before starting an independent career recording. Luciano's most recent work to date is his album 'Jah Words' (released worldwide April 26th 2005 on the RAS record's label) which features such singles like the romantic 'Angel Heart' and the political 'Cry for Justice', the album also features his heavenly single with a distinctable thumping dancehall beat named 'Why Should I' with backup vocals by Shelene Thomas, Luciano even recorded a video for 'Why Should I' not widely know commercially but notably a dancehall classic like many.

After voicing several covers for the Producer Sky High, Luciano released "Give My Love A Try," which was produced at Castro Brown's New Name Studio and was a hit in Jamaica. It was there that Luciano met Freddie McGregor the former Studio One child star who had become an International Reggae Superstar. Joining McGregor's Big Ship production company, Luciano began creating cultural, conscious reggae that reflected his religious and social concerns. Again in 1993, Luciano scored a #1 UK reggae hit with the song "Shake It Up Tonight" but Luciano says, "I didn't see myself going in that pattern, singing love songs, dressed in a felt hat, looking smooth. It looked very splashy".

Luciano is an award-winning artist and although he says, "I wouldn't say I won as I wasn't competing against anyone" and "I don't watch those tings coz they bring jealousy and people to bad mind you know", Luciano cannot deny that he has received numerous awards including 'Most Spiritual and Educative Singer' and Mandela's 'Most Cultural Artist'. He even received a plaque from the Jamaican government to encourage him in the work he is doing.

Doing good works are not confined to just music for Luciano, as he is a firm believer that he should be a positive role model. He says "I've never stooped low and I'm not gonna bow to Babylon and no matter how much me angry bout certain tings, me nah come pon stage and express myself inna no negativeness". As a messenger, Luciano always strives to be true and righteous as he delivers the word of Jah. He says, "I cannot become egotistical about it".

He was awarded the Order of Distinction in the rank of Officer on October 15, 2007, in recognition of his contribution to reggae music.
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