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Music singer, actor and trumpeter Louis Prima picture (pic) and photo gallery.
Born: December 7, 1910, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.
Died: August 24, 1978, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. (pneumonia).
-Gia Maione (1962 - 24 August 1978) (his death) they have two children.
-Keely Smith (13 July 1953 - 1961) (divorced) they have two children.
-Tracelene Barrett (17 June 1948 - ?) they have one child.
-Alma Ross (1935 - ?)
-Louise Polizzi (25 June 1929 - 1936) (divorced) they have one child.

He was referred to as the King of the Swingers. Prima rode the musical trends of his time, starting with his seven-piece New Orleans style jazz band in the 1920s, then successively leading a Swing combo in the 1930s, a Big Band in the 1940s, a Vegas lounge act in the 1950s, and a pop-rock go-go band in the 1960s. In each of his musical endeavors, he incorporated his exuberant personality into his act.
Louis Prima : p55360dd78j
Louis Prima : p55360dd78j
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Louis Prima : p19340vymga
Louis Prima : p19340vymga
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Louis Prima and Keely Smith singing for the radio in the 1950s
Louis Prima and Keely Smith singing for the radio in the 1950s
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Louis Prima
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