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Loggins and Messina are an American rock music duo consisting of Kenny Loggins and Jim Messina. They are noted for popularizing the subgenre of Yacht rock, which soon became prominent in the 1970s.
In late 1970 Jim Messina, formerly of Poco and Buffalo Springfield, was working as an independent contract record producer for Columbia Records. It was then that he met a little-known studio artist who had written a few songs of his own, Kenny Loggins. Loggins was working as contract songwriter for the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.
Messina decided to produce Loggins' debut album. By the time it was completed, Messina had contributed so much to the album, both instrumentally and vocally, that an accidental duo was born, and the album was released as "Kenny Loggins with Jim Messina Sittin' in". Their harmonies meshed so well that what was begun as a one-off album became an entity unto itself. So rather than simply producing Kenny Loggins as a solo act, they both decided to form a duo, Loggins and Messina.
Over the course of the next four or five years they produced five original material albums, one album of covers of other artists' material and two live albums. One compilation album, a "best of", would be released after the duo had separated.
As is natural in most mentor type relationships, Loggins outgrew the duo over time. Within a few years he would feel the need to go it on his own, and by 1977 the pair separated and pursued successful solo careers, with Loggins soon achieving the super-star status that he sought.
They reunited in 2005 for a compilation album of their greatest hits, which proved so successful that they decided to tour as a group again. The "Sittin' In Again" tour was launched in mid-2005 and played out the remainder of the year, proving that they hadn't lost the magic that made them famous in the first place.
Their backing band changed from album to album but the core members are listed below. Many albums featured backing members who were well known in their own right, such as Stephen Stills who contributed to their self-titled second album. Bryan Adams played guitar on the album Full Sail. John Townsend and Ed Sanford, later of the Sanford & Townsend Band (Smoke from a Distant Fire) contributed vocals and songwriting to the Native Sons album.

* Kenny Loggins 2nd guitar, Harmonica, and Vocals
* Jim Messina 1st guitar and Vocals

Backing Band:
* Lester A. Garth Bass Clarinet, Saxes, Recorders, Violin, Steel Drum (2nd Pan), and Background Vocals
* Jon Clarke Saxophones, Oboe, and Steel Drum (3rd Pan)
* Larry Sims Bass and Background Vocals
* Merel Bregante Drums and Background Vocals
* Milt Holland Percussionist
* Michael Omartian (first three albums only) Keyboards, Steel Drum (1st Pan), and Concertina
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Loggins   Messina : p20942v34vq
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