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Athlete water polo player Liz Weekes pictures (pic) and photo gallery.
Born: September 22, 1971 in Sydney.
-Robert Scott, they have two children.

Liz Weekes biography (bio):
Liz Weekes is an Australian water polo player from the gold medal squad of the 2000 Summer Olympics, when women´s water polo was contested for the first time at the Olympic Games. She was the goalkeeper of the Australian team, which beat USA 4-3 in the final game in front of a World record attendance of 17,000 spectators. She also attended Fort Street High School.
Liz made her debut in the national team in 1995. She enjoyed immediate success as the team won gold in the 1995 FINA World Cup in Sydney, Australia. She was regarded as one of the outstanding goalkeepers of her age. Liz was one of the main advocates in helping women's water polo win a twenty year battle to compete in the Olympic Games. So passionate were Liz and her teammates about the acceptance of their sport, that they went as far as storming IOC meetings to gain recognition for their cause.
Out of the pool, Liz has become something of an international celebrity after she was voted "the most beautiful sportswoman in the world" by high profile German magazine Sports Life who featured her Black & White Atlanta Dream modelling shots, although water polo is not very popular in Germany. Liz now combines her water polo with corporate speaking, modelling and television appearances.
Liz Weekes is already married with Robert Scott. They have 2 children and living in Sydney.
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