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August 15, 2008: "Lisa Marie Presley Expecting A Girl And A Boy"

Lisa Marie Presley is having a twin son and daughter, it has been claimed.

The singer will reportedly welcome a boy and girl into the world later this year, according to the New York Daily News newspaper.

Lisa Marie, the daughter of world famous singer Elvis Presley, is intending to pay tribute to her late father by naming her new son Jesse - after Elvis' identical twin who was stillborn.

A source close to the star also revealed she will name her daughter Gladys Love after Elvis' mother.

Lisa Marie already has two children - daughter Riley, 19, and son Benjamin, 15 - from her previous marriage to musician Danny Keough.

The 40-year-old singer was previously married to singer Michael Jackson and actor Nicholas Cage.


August 11, 2008: "Lisa Marie Presley Shows Off Pregnant Body In New Magazine Photo Spread"

Pregnant with twins Lisa Marie Presley has bared her huge baby bump in new magazine photo spread.

The singer/songwriter, 40, proudly displays her burgeoning belly in the September issue of Marie Claire magazine. She says the photos are her way of firing back at people who had posted unflattering photos of her and accused her of having an unhealthy eating habit.

Presley, the only daughter of the King of Rock 'n' Roll Elvis, claims that "the tabloids were going so far as to alter photos. I could never figure out why they went to all that trouble to make me look fat."

"There are at least six other famous women pregnant right now who aren't getting picked on. But they're all over me. It's like there is a campaign to demean me."

She tells the publication, "You know what I think when I see those fat photos? I am not going to let them control me. I just let it all hang out. You want to look at me? Go ahead and look."


August 6, 2008: "Lisa Marie Presley Confirms She Is Pregnant With Twins"

Lisa Marie Presley has confirmed she is pregnant with twins. Elvis Presley's daughter broke the news following speculation about her excessive weight gain.

Lisa Marie's mother Priscilla said: "She wanted it really to be kept a secret for a long time, and I think women should, because they should be able to announce what they're having and when it's time to make the announcement"

Lisa Marie's publicist Cindy Guagenti confirmed her client is having twins but would offer no further information.

The twins will be her first children with musician husband Michael Lockwood. Lisa Marie already has two grown children - daughter Riley, 19, and son Benjamin, 15 - from a previous marriage to musician Danny Keough.


August 5, 2008: " Lisa Marie Presley Expecting Twins"

Lisa Marie Presley is having twins! The 40-year-old daughter of Elvis is expecting twins this fall with rocker husband Michael Lockwood!

Lisa Maries mom, Priscilla, confirmed the news to Entertainment Tonight, saying:"She wanted it really to be kept a secret for a long time.

Twins run in Lisa Maries family Lisa Marie's dad, Elvis, was a twin, and her mother, Priscilla, has younger brothers who are twins.

Lisa Marie already has two children with ex-husband Danny Keough. The singer-songwriter, counts Nicolas Cage and Michael Jackson among her three ex-husbands.


March 17, 2008: "Lisa Marie Presley Pregnant With Twins!"

Lisa Marie Presley is reportedly expecting twins, according to the latest news.

A neighbour of Lisa and her husband Michael Lockwood has reportedly claimed that Lisa is carrying two babies, and that one of them is a boy.
Michael told me that he and Lisa have been trying to get pregnant for about a year. He also said that they had a sonogram two weeks ago, Michael was beaming.

Lisa Maries father Elvis was a twin, sadly his brother Jesse Garon Presley died at birth.


March 7, 2008: "Lisa Marie Presley Is Pregnant With Her Third Child"

Lisa Marie Presley is pregnant, again!
Lisa has had some nasty negative press recently over her weight gain, but she isnt fat shes pregnant!
This baby, which is reportedly due in the Autumn, will be Lisas third child but the first child with her husband, guitarist and music producer, Michael Lockwood. Lisa and Michael married in Japan in January 2006.
Lisas other children with her ex-husband Danny Keough, are her daughter Riley, 18, and son Benjamin, 15.
Lisas rep said, The couple are incredibly overjoyed.


Music singer Lisa Marie Presley pictures (pic) and photo gallery, albums covers pictures.
Born: February 1, 1968 in Memphis, Tennessee, USA.
Height: 5' 2" (1.57 m).
-Michael Lockwood (22 January 2006 - present).
-Nicolas Cage (10 August 2002 - 16 May 2004) (divorced).
-Michael Jackson (18 May 1994 - 18 January 1996) (divorced).
-Danny Keogh (3 October 1988 - 1994) (divorced) they have two children.

Lisa Marie Presley biography (bio):
Lisa Marie Presley is an American singer, daughter of Elvis Presley and Priscilla Presley and former wife of both pop icon Michael Jackson and actor Nicolas Cage.
Lisa Marie is a close friend of her father's ex-girlfriend Linda Thompson. In 2003, after advice from Thompson's record producer and then-husband David Foster, she launched a career as a singer. Her debut album, To Whom It May Concern, reached #5 on the Billboard 200 albums chart and was certified gold. To promote it she presented a concert in the UK, something that her father never did. Presley released her second album, Now What, in 2005 and it reached #9 on the Billboard 200. It was certified gold in November 2005. Unlike her first album, Now What included a Parental Advisory sticker. Both albums as of 2007 have been certified Platinum.
Lisa Marie attended a variety of schools, mostly boarding schools, a few in Los Angeles County (among them the John Thomas Dye School), and also in Ojai, Ventura County, California. She was expelled from at least one boarding school due to illegal drug abuse, especially cocaine. She was briefly a student at a Church of Scientology school in Los Angeles.
As Elvis' only child, Lisa Marie eventually inherited his estate at the age of 30. In August 2005, she sold 85 percent of the estate's business holdings to CKX, Inc., excluding Graceland itself and the property within it.
She has a half brother, Navarone, from her mother's 22-year (ended in April 2006) relationship with Marco Garibaldi.
Actress and singer lisa marie presley : 1
Actress and singer lisa marie presley : 1
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Lisa Marie Presley after giving birth to her twin daughters
Lisa Marie Presley after giving birth to her twin daughters
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Lisa Marie Presley latest picture with her twin baby daughters
Lisa Marie Presley latest picture with her twin baby daughters
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Lisa Marie Presley twin baby daughter picture
Lisa Marie Presley twin baby daughter picture
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Lisa Marie Presley twin baby girl photo
Lisa Marie Presley twin baby girl photo
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