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Birth name: Linda Ann Gray.
Born: September 12, 1940 Santa Monica, California, USA.
Height: 5' 7½" (1.71 m).
-Ed Thrasher (28 April 1962 - 1983) (divorced) they have two children.

Linda Gray biography (bio):
Linda Ann Gray is an American actress, best known for her role as Larry Hagman's long-suffering wife, Sue Ellen Ewing on the television soap opera Dallas as a recurring character in the series first season in the spring of 1978, and as a regular cast member from 1978 to 1989. She returned to the role in the series finale in 1991 and again in the reunion films "J.R. Returns" in 1996 and "The War of the Ewings" in 1998.
She later starred in the short-lived FOX soap opera, Models, Inc., which was a spin-off of Melrose Place, and had a recurring role in The Bold and the Beautiful.
In 2001, Gray portrayed Mrs. Robinson in the West End production of Charles Webb's The Graduate. Coincidentally, Gray was the model whose stockinged leg appeared in the promotional poster for the film version of The Graduate 34 years earlier.
In 2006 Linda co-starred in the short film "Reflections of a Life," written, directed by and starring Kathi Carey. She plays the best friend of a woman undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Coincidentally, her own sister succumbed to the disease some years earlier. The film has gone on to win numerous awards at the various film festivals where it has screened.
She is said to be related by marriage to fellow actress Lindsay Wagner.
Her daughter, Kehly Sloane, was Miss Golden Globe 1997.
Actress linda gray : 1
Actress linda gray : 1
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