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Birth name: Leslie Claire Margaret Caron.
Born: July 1, 1931 Boulogne-Billancourt, France.
Nickname: Carly Jane.
-Michael Laughlin (1 January 1969 - 1980) (divorced).
-Peter Hall (6 August 1956 - 5 February 1965) (divorced) they have two children.
-Geordie Hormel (23 September 1951 - March 1954) (divorced).
-Paul Magwood (? - present).

Leslie Caron biography (bio):
Leslie Caron is an Oscar-nominated, Golden Globe-winning, and Emmy-nominated motion picture actress and dancer. Caron has said of herself: "I'm not a ballerina. I'm a hoofer."

She was born Leslie Claire Margaret Caron in Boulogne-Billancourt, France, to Claude Caron, a French chemist, and Margaret Petit, an American dancer. Caron was prepared for a performing career from childhood by her mother.[2]
She was discovered by Gene Kelly while dancing with a ballet troupe. The famed dancer chose her to appear opposite him in the classic musical An American in Paris (1951). This led to a long-term MGM contract and a string of films: The Glass Slipper (1955), Gaby (1956).
She went on to star in Daddy Long Legs (1955) with Fred Astaire, Gigi (1958) with Louis Jourdan and Maurice Chevalier, and Lili.
In 1953, she was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress for her starring role in Lili. In 1963, she was also nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance in The L-Shaped Room. She made numerous Hollywood musicals, and also worked often in European films.
Her later film assignments included; slapping Cary Grant (who slapped her back) in Father Goose (1964), Ken Russell's Valentino (1977), in the role of silent-screen legend Alla Nazimova; and Louis Malle's Damage (1992).
She continues to act, appearing in the acclaimed film Chocolat (2000). She is one of the few leading ladies (or actors of any type for that matter) from the classic era of MGM musicals who is still active in film. Her recent films include Funny Bones (1995) with Jerry Lewis and Oliver Platt and Le Divorce (2003) with Kate Hudson and Naomi Watts.
Most recently, Caron's guest appearance on Law and Order: Special Victims Unit earned her a 2007 Emmy nomination.

Personal life:
Caron married George Hormel II, a grandson of the founder of Hormel (a meat -packing company) in September 1951. They divorced in 1954.
Her second husband was Peter Hall, British theatre and film director. They wed in 1956 and had two children, Christopher (TV producer) in 1957 and Jennifer (actress) in 1962. For Hall's 30th birthday, her present was a Rolls Royce. When they divorced in 1965, Warren Beatty was named as a co-respondent, and was ordered by the London court to pay "the costs of the case." Caron had an affair with Beatty (1961).
In 1969, she married film producer Michael Laughlin. They were divorced in 1980.
In addition, these people were her boyfriends: Peter Lawford (early 1960s), Frank Sinatra (mid-1960s), Jean-Pierre Petrolacci (screenwriter, 1980s), Robert Wolders (ex-husband of Merle Oberon and ex-lover of Audrey Hepburn, mid-1990s)
She was married to Paul Magwood (backstage film worker, cohabited since 2003), but marriage ended. They lived in Wisconsin, United States.
In semi-retirement from films, she owns and operates an affordable bed and breakfast, Auberge La Lucarne aux Chouettes (The Owls' Nest Inn), located in Villeneuve-sur-Yonne, located about 100 km (70 miles) south of Paris.
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