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Birth name: Helen Thomson.
Born: May 15, 1940, Glasgow, Scotland.

Lena Martell biography (bio):
Lena Martell is a Scottish singer, who had a number one UK single, with "One Day At A Time" on 27th October 1979, staying there for 3 weeks.

She had released a number of standards throughout the 1970s on the Pye record label and was a popular draw on the cabaret circuit, but her gospel tinged country cover of the song written by Marijohn Wilkin and Kris Kristofferson, proved to be an unlikely success at the height of disco and new wave, topping the UK Singles Chart for three weeks in November 1979.

Her follow up single failed to chart, so she has the dubious honour of being classified as a one-hit wonder.

Although out of the limelight for a while while nursing her sick mother, Martell has now returned to the music industry, and is still touring the UK. She has recently released a few albums on the ScotDisc label, which have been very successful.

Her audience's favourite still remains "One Day At A Time".
Lena Martell : Lena Martell
Lena Martell : Lena Martell
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