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Lake Trout is a rock band based in Baltimore. Their music is a combination of rock, ambient, jazz, and many other styles, including influences from post-rock and post-punk. The band has released five albums since its inception, four in-studio and one live. Their most recent album, Not Them, You was released on September 13, 2005.
Lake Trout first came together in 1994. Their first album is self-titled and consists of eight songs with a heavy dose of jazz. It was released in 1997 on SNS Records. The band's second album, released in 1998, is also on SNS Records. Volume for the Rest of It consists of 16 tracks total and has a more developed feel.
Lake Trout's third album, Alone at Last - Live with DJ Who is a live album and was recorded on December 9, 1999 at Traxx in Charlottesville, Virginia. It was released by Phoenix Rising Records. This album, as would be expected with the addition of a DJ, has a much more electronic sound. It has a slightly darker feel than the previous two records and incorporates elements of drum and bass music into the sound.

The "Shift in Sound":
With the release of their fourth album, Another One Lost (2003, released by Palm/RX Records), the band made a decided shift towards a more indie rock-oriented sound. The relationship between the "new sound" and the "old sound" is clearly evident, but the shift is obvious. Some fans lament this change in the band's sound, preferring the more jazz-oriented earlier work. Others enthusiastically agree. Many enjoy the change, however, seeing a clear progression in the band's sound.
On September 13, 2005, the band released their most recent album, Not Them, You on Palm/RX Records. This album continues with the evolution of the "new sound,".

The band tours almost constantly and has therefore earned fans in many places.

Big in Japan:
Big in Japan is a Lake Trout side project. Its members are the same as those of Lake Trout, minus the guitar players. Big in Japan is instrumental and very improvisational and ambient.

Lake Trout consists of:
* James Griffith, bass.
* Ed Harris, vocals and guitar.
* Mike Lowry, drums.
* Matt Pierce, keyboards, saxophone, and flute.
* Woody Ranere, lead vocals and guitar.
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Lake Trout : Lake-Trout-band-nl02
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