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Birth name: Ricardo Emmanuel Brown.
Also known as: Young Gotti, the Kingpin.
Born: November 23, 1972 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Kurupt biography (bio):
Kurupt is an American gangsta rapper and former Executive Vice President of Death Row Records. He is a member of the rap group Tha Dogg Pound, and is mostly known for his work with Death Row Records. He also works as an actor on some occasions.

Also known as Young Gotti and The Kingpin, He is one third of the rap group Tha Dogg Pound along with Snoop Dogg and Daz Dillinger.

Early life & Death Row Records:
Kurupt was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and later moved to Hawthorne, California as a teen to live with his father. As a result, he has associated himself somewhat with Philadelphia and its rap scene, including Philly rappers such as Beanie Sigel. He lived in Hawthorne and later moved to South Central on his own.

After a rap battle with future star Snoop Dogg at a club one night, the two felt camaraderie, and agreed that if one of the two got a record deal they would put the other on. When Snoop was discovered by Dr Dre and signed to Death Row Records, Kurupt was also signed to the label.

Snoop's cousin, Daz Dillinger, was also signed, and the three formed a group called Tha Dogg Pound. The pair had well-received appearances on the first two major Death Row releases, The Chronic and Doggystyle, and due to the successes of the albums their debut Dogg Food was widely anticipated and did well both critically and on the charts.

After the signing of 2Pac to Death Row in September 1995, a "rap war" was sparked between Death Row and Bad Boy Entertainment. Kurupt and Daz became embroiled in it through "New York, New York," the single from Dogg Food; Queensbridge, New York duos Capone-N-Noreaga and Mobb Deep responded with "L.A., L.A."

Antra Records:
When 2Pac was later murdered, Kurupt was one of the first artists to leave Death Row. He signed with A&M Records which in turn he started his own label Antra Records and released his debut solo album, entitled Kuruption! in 1998. It was a double-disc album, one drawing on the West Coast and one drawing on the East Coast. His second solo album, Tha Streetz Iz a Mutha, was released on Antra in 1999. Many of his fans consider this to be his best album, though it did relatively poorly commercially.

In 2001, Kurupt released his third solo album, Space Boogie: Smoke Oddessey. The album did relatively well, promoted by the single "It's Over." In the same year, Kurupt and Daz released the album Dillinger & Young Gotti under the DPG moniker.

Back on Death Row:
In 2002, Kurupt signed back on with Death Row Records in exchange for Dr. Dre's former role of President. Snoop Dogg and Daz, who held Death Row CEO Suge Knight responsible for 2Pac's death, were shocked by the move and felt betrayed. This didn't sit well with them and a feud ignited between Kurupt and Snoop, Daz and other DPG associates. Kurupt faded into the background on Death Row, working on the album that would be pushed back numerous times; fans heard from him only on guest appearances or disses to his former groupmates.
During his second stint on Death Row, Kurupt formed two separate groups: The Riflemen consisted of: Kurupt, Mobb Deep, Jayo Felony, 40 Glocc, and The Alchemist. The HRSMN consisted of Kurupt, Canibus, Killah Priest and Ras Kass. Though the former never released even a single and now seems defunct, the HRSMN have put out two mixtapes (one featuring songs by all the artists together, one just a loose compilation of contributions by each rapper). In interviews they have stated they are ready to begin working on finding a label for the project and releasing it, and though each one is busy with his own albums, they have each guested on each others' projects.
When the album, Against Tha Grain, was finally released in 2005 to poor reviews and sales, Kurupt had already left the label a second time. The feud lasted about 3 years, until Snoop Dogg put together a meeting called the "West Coast Conference", which was a rounded up a large amount of rappers from the West Coast. The press conference was for artists to squash any problems, so they could all work together and make money in the future.

Again Off Death Row & Recent Projects:
Kurupt dropped "Same Day, Different Sh*t" in 2006. The CD was entirely produced by Daz. and was an independent release.
Kurupt recently signed a 2 album deal with Babygrande Records in a joint venture with Gangsta Advisory
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