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KOBUS! (or K.O.B.U.S!) is an Afrikaans heavy metal band formed in 2000 by ex-Springbok Nude Girls guitarist Theo Crous and ex-Voice of Destruction vocalist Francois Breytenbach Blom. They performed as a duo until 2004 when they were joined by Rob Nel on bass and Paul Andr Blom on drums.

In 2007 Nel was replaced on bass by Pierre Tredoux.

The band has released three albums: The self-titled debut kobus! in 2002, 100% Skuldgevoelvry in 2004, and Swaar Metaal in 2007. The first two releases comprised of an eclectic mix of styles, crossing genres from track to track. The album Swaar Metaal is sonically more uniform than its predecessors, an Afrikaans-language Heavy Metal album, regarded as a first in Afrikaans music.

Theo Crous.
Francois Breytenbach Blom.
Paul Andre Blom.
Pierre Tredoux.
KOBUS : KOBUS Swaar Metaal sleeve
KOBUS  : KOBUS  Swaar Metaal sleeve
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KOBUS : KOBUS 2007 09 Blom
KOBUS  : KOBUS  2007 09 Blom
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KOBUS : KOBUS 2007 aaa
KOBUS  : KOBUS  2007 aaa
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