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Birth name: Kimberly Anne McCullough.
Born: March 5, 1978 Bellflower, California, U.S.
Nickname: Kimber.
Height: 5' 2" (1.57 m).

Kimberly McCullough biography (bio):
Kimberly McCullough is an Emmy Award-winning actress, dancer, and director. She is best known for her longterm role as Robin Scorpio on the soap opera General Hospital, a role which she originated at the age of 7, playing the character from 1985-1996. She has continued to play the character off and on since then, with stints from 1997-1998, in 2000, 2004, and then she started to play a doctor in the show on October 12, 2005, a role which she has continued to play through to the present. She has also played the character in one episode of the GH spinoff Port Charles, and in a few episodes of All My Children. In Summer 2007, again as Robin, she played one of the leads in the primetime GH spinoff, General Hospital: Night Shift.
McCullough's mother is a dance teacher, who took the baby with her to rehearsals, and got her involved with acting early. McCullough's first appearance was as a 7-month-old baby in a diaper commercial, co-starring with actress Juliet Mills. She started doing gymnastics at the age of 4, and performed as part of a group called the "Gym Dandies." At the age of 6, she auditioned for legendary choreographer Debbie Allen. Allen was initially displeased with having a child at the audition, but was eventually won over, and cast McCullough in the television series Fame. McCullough followed this up with a dancing part in the critically-panned but influential film Electric Boogaloo.
The young McCullough then decided that instead of just dancing, she also wanted to try her hand at acting. Her first audition was for a part on Webster, which she didn't get. Her next audition, in 1985 at the age of 7, was for General Hospital. The producers made her audition 12 times but eventually gave her the part. She played Robin Scorpio, the daughter of the popular soap couple of Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers) and Anna Devane (dancer Finola Hughes). Her role was a success, and in 1989, at the age of 11, McCullough won her first Daytime Emmy Award, for "Outstanding Juvenile Female in a Drama Series". She played the character off and on for several years. One of her most memorable storylines began in 1995, when her teenaged character contracted HIV after having unprotected sex with her boyfriend Stone, who was unknowingly infected with AIDS, and later died from the disease. She won a second Daytime Emmy for this storyline, for "Outstanding Younger Leading Actress in a Drama Series" in 1996, and was nominated for each of these awards the following year.
She took a break from playing the character when she went off to college, to study film directing at New York University. In General Hospital, Robin Scorpio was also written out for the same reason, except the character was attending Yale University to study medicine. McCullough continued playing the character during her university breaks.
In 1998, she left the show to pursue a different career of acting and directing, and joined the crew of Once and Again. She also wrote and directed the mockumentary Lil Star about girls in childhood beauty pageants, a story which allowed McCullough to draw on her own experiences. She wasn't making a living by directing though, and so fell back on acting to pay the bills to support her aspirations as a director, and returned to General Hospital in October 2005, this time as a grown-up Dr. Robin Scorpio.
In other work, McCullough has danced in other television appearances such as Solid Gold and The People's Choice Awards. She sang backup for the 1989 song "Toy Soldiers" by Martika, and has also had recurring guest-star roles on The Shield. She was also the star of the TV movie Dying to Dance, in which she played opposite Rick Springfield, another General Hospital actor.

Personal life:
She was previously engaged to actor, Freddie Prince Jr..
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