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Born: November 10, 1972 in Bangkok, Thailand.

Kathaleeya McIntosh biography (bio):
Kathaleeya McIntosh (also known as Mam) is a Thai actress and a television host in a popular talkshow, Samakhom Chomdao. She was the lead actress in many Thai lakorns in the 1990s-2000s including Wanjai Thailand ("Sweet Darling of Thailand"), Khwamsongcham Mai Hua Jai Derm ("New Memory but Same Old Heart"), and Yak Yud Tawan Wai Thi Plai Fa ("Yearning to Stop the Sun at the Horizon").

Mam is a luk kreung (half Thai and half Scots, with a Scottish father). She has an older brother, Willy McIntosh, who is also a well-known Thai actor.

Other works:
* Ambassador of Peace for Children and Youth of Unicef, United Nations. [1]
* Assistant Sales Manager of Lucks (666) Company Ltd., Production of Saranae Show
* Producer of Saranae Show, I SEE YOU, and almost every shows of Lucks 666.

On September 2, 2005 McIntosh made front-page news in Thailand with an announcement that she was five months pregnant. This comes after repeated, and much publicised, previous denials.

It is believed by many that the controversy and negative attentions towards her were much attributed to the public perception that she had lied about her condition, rather than out-of-wedlock pregnancy. Her friends and family publicly berated the media because of their negative speculation of her ever expanding waistline when in September, 2005 her official pregnancy announcement was made. McIntosh maintained that she was previously unaware of her pregnancy of five months. The public reacted with disbelief. It also caused a rift between her and her cohost and close friend, who had berated the media in McIntosh's defence.

The cohost has been a long time friend of the actress and had been by Kathaleeya's side as a host of Samakhom Chomdao since 1995. Surivipa Kultangwattana was unaware of Kathaleeya's conditions, and sincerely berated the media from her honest love and care for a friend. Surivipa, or NuMam was publicly banned for months after speaking rudely to reporters, but as soon as Surivipa found out about the announcement she was furious. She couldn't believe that her long-time friend would not have the heart to tell her in the hours prior to the public announcements. She, just like the others, found out from the news report. She then later calmed down and apologised to the media and reporters for her rude comments and confirmed that she was truly innocent.

Kathaleeya McIntosh has now come back to Thailand during March, 2006 and has kept herself hidden for two weeks. She declared to the news reporters that she was sorry for not telling about her baby, still reporters have many questions since Kataleeya has barely answered any questions.

In May 2006 she got married in Pranburi, Prachuap Khiri Khan to Songkran (aka Beebee) Grachangnetara, the father of her son.
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Kathaleeya McIntosh : image001
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Kathaleeya McIntosh : Kmcintosh
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Kathaleeya McIntosh : mammain
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