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Just Surrender is a four piece punk band from Dover Plains, New York, formerly known as A Second Chance. Just Surrender started when three high school friends Jason Maffucci, Andrew Meunier, and Steve Miller decided to form a band together. After trying to add the "extra element" (I.E. another member/vocalist) they found Vocalist/Guitarist Dan Simons who was just recently out of the Poughkeepsie enigma, "The Record Collection". They then embarked on a mission to build a reputation and make enough money to record some songs.

Just Surrender then put together a 4 song EP (and actually recorded 6 songs) 5 of which were re-recorded for their label debut full-length (In Your Silence, You Tell A Tale, Tell Me Everything (not on original EP), Our Work of Art (not on original EP), and My Silhouette (which is now called Forgotten not Forgiven), in New York's sought-after Nada Recording Studios with producer John Naclerio. Naclerio has worked with bands such as Brand New, Senses Fail, My Chemical Romance, and many others. When the Just Surrender sessions were done, Naclerio knew this band was special. "Rarely do young bands have the ability to shape a song and have the attitude that they dont know it all. Actually, that never happens," says Naclerio.

When the songs were posted online, the band quickly became one of the most popular artists on the music site PureVolume, and thousands of people were listening to them every day; more than 400,000 listens occurred in a matter of months.

With their downloads increasing, the band saw their local fan base grow at upstate New Yorks breeding ground, The Chance Theater. Fellow New York artists, Autopilot Off, offered the band a position on their tour. This tour gave Just Surrender much publicity. Tours with Bayside, My American Heart, theSTART, and Cartel, as well as shows with Hawthorne Heights, Matchbook Romance, The Early November,Armor for Sleep, The Classic Crime and PowerSpace were soon to follow. Within their first year of existence, the band was invited on tours that other bands work for years to get on.

Their growing fan base was eager for more recorded material. Thus, they went back into the studio with Naclerio to record their debut full-length album. Just Surrender later released their debut album "If These Streets Could Talk" to much acclaim. It made an appearance on MTV's "You Heard It Here First". It is often noted for its dual-lead vocals, with Maffucci and Simons "trading the mic" so to speak.

Just Surrender released the song "Body Language and Bad Habits" on their myspace page on July 1st, 2007. The song is from the album "We're In Like Sin," which is due out August 21st, 2007.

-Jason Maffucci.
-Dan Simons.
-Steve Miller.
-Alex Haycraft.
Just Surrender : JustSurrender01
Just Surrender : JustSurrender01
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Just Surrender : JustSurrender02
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