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Birth name: Jack Allsopp.
Born: 1976 North London, England, UK.

Just Jack biography (bio):
Born in North London, England, Allsopp started DJing at the age of fifteen and he soon became submerged in DJ culture and US garage.
Allsopp initially earned a degree in Furniture Design, however, through a community music production course, he developed his interest in sampling. This turned him towards perfecting his technique while working in a series of day jobs. The artist is quoted as saying: "I've been a washer-upper, a flower arranger, a runner for a TV post-production company... I even worked at Gap for a while. That made me all the more determined to work at the music. I would get this down time in a studio and be recording all night, and working at Gap all day. It was knackering but it was very inspiring time."
His musical influences are mainly reported as breakdance, Electro hip hop and house.
According to the artist, his debut album, The Outer Marker is about modern life, relationships and the pressures of social situations. Originally released by the RGR Records, the album received favourable reviews from publications such as The Independent, Q , NME, The Big Issue, and others, despite some criticism of his lyrics. The Outer Marker was later re-released, with extra tracks.
Allsopp and his band have played his third gig to the Glastonbury Dance Tent, the Speak Easy Arena at Snowbombing in Mayrhofen, Austria, and plans to perform at the V Festivals in the summer of 2007.
Although his big break was in 2002, he didn't gain fame until 2007. Following his TV debut on BBC2's Later with Jools Holland, then on the Channel 4 show The Friday Night Project, where he performed the single "Starz In Their Eyes", this reached #2 in the UK charts.
His second album, Overtones, released in 2007, made #6 in the UK charts.
Just Jack - Overtones album cover
Just  Jack - Overtones album cover
By User: colonelrusty
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Just Jack - Starz in Their Eyes single cover
Just  Jack - Starz in Their Eyes single cover
By User: colonelrusty
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Just Jack - The Outer Marker album cover
Just Jack - The Outer Marker album cover
By User: colonelrusty
1 Votes, 5/5

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