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Birth name: Tom Holkenborg.
Also known as: JXL.
Born: December 8, 1967 Lichtenvoorde, Netherlands.

Junkie XL biography (bio):
Tom Holkenborg, also known as Junkie XL or JXL is a Dutch musician. He was born in Lichtenvoorde, The Netherlands on 8 December 1967.
After producing and touring with the Dutch group Weekend at Waikiki, he split with them in 1995 and began writing his own tracks as Junkie XL in 1997. He has worked with many electronic music artists, including Sander Kleinenberg, DJ Tisto and Sasha.
In 2002 he left The Netherlands to live and work in the United States where he works on soundtracks for films and computer games.
He uses the name JXL in those cases where the term Junkie might cause offence. XL is for "Xpanding Limits"
His remix of Elvis Presley's A Little Less Conversation was used in a Nike ad for the 2002 Football World Cup. He also produced a remixed version of the Sims theme music for the computer game The Sims 2: Nightlife, the soundtrack for the Xbox racing game Forza Motorsport, and the soundtrack for futuristic Xbox racing game Quantum Redshift. He has also provided music for the films Kingdom of Heaven, Domino and DOA: Dead or Alive. His song "Today" was featured as one of tracks on EA's Burnout: Legends, apparently before the album was released. "Today" is also on EA's Burnout: Revenge. He also produced a remix of the Destroy All Humans! theme which can be heard on the credits or from the soundtrack.
There are also 2 tracks remixed by Junkie XL found on the Need for Speed: Carbon soundtrack and the song "Action Radius" was featured in the soundtrack of Need For Speed Underground. His works were also included in the video game Test Drive 5.

JXL is responsible for the SSX Blur original soundtrack; Blur is Electronic Arts' snowboarding game for the Wii.
While JXL is considered to be an electronic music artist, he is surprisingly connected to the heavy metal culture: apart from providing remixes to both Fear Factory and Rammstein, he was signed to the metal-label Roadrunner Records and appeared on Roadrunner United.
Currently he is signed to with Artwerk, the new Los Angeles-based label formed by Electronic Arts and Nettwerk One Music.
As from September 2007, the composer and one-man band Tom Holkenborg, alias Junkie XL, is joining the ArtEZ School of Music as its special teacher of 'Composition & Music Design'.
Fall 2007 will see the newest Junkie XL single "More" hit store. Both Joost van Bellen and Gerald van der Kaap have been shooting the video for the clip in New York together with female singer Lauren Rocket. "More" will also be featured on the soundtrack of the Need for Speed: ProStreet.
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Junkie XL : p56715c7npv
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Junkie XL : p19370h5upi
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