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Birth name: Okada Junichi.
Born: November 18, 1980 Hirakata, Osaka.
Blood type : B.
Height: 169cm.
Weight: 56kg.

Junichi Okada biography (bio):
Junichi Okada is a member of V6, a Japanese boy band formed in 1995, under the management of Johnny & Associates. He joined Johnny & Associates at the age of 14.

* Summer 1995 - He joined Johnny & Associates at the age of 14 (Grade 9)
* November 1, 1995 - CD Debut as a member of V6 at the age of 14

In the summer of 1995, he participated in a corner called 'Johnny's Pre-school' of a TV program 'Tensai, Takeshi no genki ga deru terebi' (NTV). He passed the audition and joined Johnny & Associates at the age of 14. After joining Johnny's for only 3 months, he made a debut as the youngest member of the idol group, V6. Unlike some members of the same group, he did not have much experiences as Johnny's Jr. The first time that he had been on a Music Program was after the debut of V6.

* He was born in a car, so exact birth time is unknown.
* His parents divorced when he was in grade 2, and he then lived with his mother and sister.
* His mother is a piano teacher and the conductor of a choir.
* His mother was previously a fan of Sakamoto Masayuki, member of V6, but now a fan of Satou Ryouta, friend of Okada.
* His sister is a pianist.
Junichi Okada : junichi okada
Junichi Okada : junichi okada
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Junichi Okada
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