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Music arab singer Julia Boutros (Arabic:جوليا بطرس) pictures (pic) and photo gallery, albums covers pictures.
Born: April 1, 1968 Beirut, Lebanon.

Julia Boutros had her education at the Rosary Sisters Schools. When she was 12 years old she had her first original song, entitled "A Maman", recorded at Elias Al Rahbani studios; introduced to her by her music teacher Fouad Fadel. She recorded two songs which she liked very much "C'est la Vie" and "Viens dans Ma Vie". Before that, she used to sing in her school's choir where she demonstrated her vocal talents.
Her talents were brought to light due to her parents' encouragement, who were artists themselves. Her father was a director and reproduced Fairouz's plays. Her mother had an excellent voice, and her brother Ziad is a composer and a musician. He accompanied her throughout her musical career. He also composed almost all of her songs.
Julia and her brother were influenced by Ziad Rahbani Works. Her brother Ziad is the closest person to her, as a brother and as a composer. When she was 17 years, she sung her most influential song "Ghabet Shams Al Hak". She got married in 1996 to Elias Abo Sa'eb; the vice president of the American University of Dubai. In 1997, she had her first baby Samer.
Her hobbies include: swimming, tennis, and listening to the Blues; she also likes French fashion.
October 11, 2006, Julia announced a new single album called "Ahibaii" (My loved ones). The lyrics are based on a letter sent by Hizbollah secretary general Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah to the fighters in South Lebanon during July 12 2006 Lebanon-Israel conflict. The poet Ghassan Matar adapted the original text. The music is composed by Ziad, brother of Julia and arranged by Michel Fadel. The profits of sale are to help the families of Lebanese soldiers who died during the Israel-Lebanon conflict.
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Julia Boutros picture
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