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Birth name: Michael Jude Christodal.
Born: October 16, 1969 Boston, United States.

Jude biography (bio):
Jude is an American singer and songwriter. His music ranges from acoustic to pop, featuring poetic lyrics, Beatles-esque melodies, and memorable vocals. Although a very charismatic performer, Jude is considered a cult-figure/songwriter in the U.S, despite a large following in France.

Jude's debut album, 430 N. Harper Ave was released independently by the Fish of Death label in 1997. This caught the attention of Madonna's record label, Maverick, who signed Jude and released his second album, No One Is Really Beautiful - which contained several re-recordings of some of the debut album's tracks. Jude enjoyed a short-lived radio term on select stations throughout the US, featuring two tracks from No One is Really Beautiful, "I'm Sorry Now" (#33 Billboard Adult Top 40 Chart) and "Rick James" (#29 Billboard Adult Top 40 Chart, #28 Billboard Modern Rock Chart).

Jude first brushed with wide acclaim when his song, "I Know" was featured on the multi-platinum "City of Angels" soundtrack, which hit #1 on the U.S. Billboard Chart, selling over five million copies in the U.S. alone. The song "I Do" from No One Is Really Beautiful was used in several television sows and is a fan favorite (and features on the first three of Jude's albums in various incarnations). During this time, Jude also toured with Ben Folds Five, Tori Amos and Chris Isaak.

His follow-up album, King Of Yesterday, seems to have been a classic struggle between artist and label, and was unceremoniously released on September 11, 2001. The album featured a cover of Bread's Everything I Own. Jude soon parted ways with Maverick and produced his subsequent albums independently (Sarah in 2004 and Redemption in 2006). When 'Sarah' was issued via CD Baby, it hit #1 on their charts for over a month and is still one of the highest selling CDs in their history.

Currently, Jude is signed with Naive records in Paris, France (where Jude toured several times and has attracted a loyal fanbase). Naive released Redemption in Europe in September 2006, and released the single 'Save Me' via iTunes in October. The whole album was released stateside in November 2006, and it became available for download via iTunes in December.

In 2006 Jude, Chris Seefried, Jeff Russo, and Dave Gibbs formed the band Low Stars. They release a self titled CD through the hear music label in 2007. The song Calling All Friends, which appears on the album and was penned by Jude, is the theme for the ABC drama What About Brian.

He is currently based in Los Angeles.
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Jude : p2452812u80
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