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Birth name: Lorenzo Cherubini.
Born: September 27, 1966 Firenze, Italy.

Jovanotti biography (bio):
Jovanotti(often misspelt as Giovanotti) - whose real name is Lorenzo Cherubini - was born in Rome on September 27, 1966 and is an Italian singer-songwriter and rapper.

Most of his material is hip hop-influenced, although not most of his work should be viewed as hip hop music per se. Many of his songs are not hip hop related and may probably be best viewed as part of the earlier Italian cantautore tradition. Some of his earlier work is also closer to keyboard-heavy 1980s pop. Most of his songs are sung in the Italian language; he also released a Spanish-language greatest hits album. His live album includes a short version of the Sugarhill Gang's "Rapper's Delight". Jovanotti appears on several international compilations, most notably Red Hot + Rhapsody, a 1998 tribute to George Gershwin, on which he performed "I Got Rhythm". One of his most famous songs was "L'ombelico del Mondo". Jovanotti has also appeared in one Luciano Pavarotti's charity concert in 1996.

His most recent CD, Buon Sangue, includes influences from both rock and old school hip hop. It is one of his most innovative works to date. Edoardo Bennato collaborated on one track, while bass player Saturnino co-wrote two of the songs.

In 2007, he was featured at the end of Negramaro song, "Cade la Pioggia", of their CD, "La Finestra".

Even though Jovanotti has never had a UK chart hit under his own name, he was briefly known in the United Kingdom as being the presenter of the DEF II programme Gimme 5. The show, which featured a brief introduction each week by Jovanotti, showcased 'youth' television programmes from around the world

Gino Latino:
Jovanotti was behind one of two rival Gino Latino Italio-house tracks in the early 1990s. His Gino Latino single "Welcome", reached Number 17 on the UK Top 75 Singles chart.

The name Jovanotti derives from the plural form of the Italian word giovanotto ("young man"), i.e. giovanotti. Lorenzo Cherubini originally auditioned a band with the name "I Giovanotti" but the record producer only was interested in him. He then decided on an Italo-American name of Joe Vanotti before conjugating it to his famous moniker "Jovanotti". The spelling Jovanotti is anglicised; the letter j not being used in Italian per se. It was used instead of i and ii in some contexts, and not instead of gi, hence the name for the letter in Italian i lunga, or "long i". (sort of similar to the english y) an occurrence of this is the Italian football club Juventus and Jugoslavia.

Jovanotti is a vegetarian.

Jovanotti has a friendship with Bono in their quest for the cancellation of foreign debt in poor African countries. Also collaborated with Michael Franti of Spearhead on his Capohorn album. Both Michael Franti and U2 misspell his name as Giovanotti in the liner note credits.
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