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Music composer, arranger, record producer and saxophonist John Zorn pictures (pic) andphoto gallery.
Born: September 2, 1953, New York, New York, USA.

John Zorn biography (bio):
Though not well-known to the general public, Zorn's recorded output is astonishingly prolific, with hundreds of album credits as a performer, composer or producer. His work has touched on dozens of musical genres, but he is probably best-known for his jazz and contemporary music; he also led the notable experimental rock group Naked City in the 1990s.
Zorn was born in New York City, and as a child played piano, guitar and flute. He studied at Webster College (now Webster University) in St. Louis, Missouri, where he incorporated free jazz, avant-garde and experimental music, sci-fi film scores, performance art and the cartoon scores of Carl Stalling into his first recordings. Dropping out of college and moving to Manhattan, Zorn gave concerts in his small apartment, playing saxophone and a variety of reeds, duck calls, tapes, etc. He founded the Theatre of Musical Optics in 1975 and eventually became a major participant in the fertile "Downtown" experimental music scene as both composer and performer of music that challenged the confines of any single musical genre.
After releasing albums on several independent and European labels, Zorn signed with the Elektra-Nonesuch label and attracted wide acclaim in 1985 with his interpretations of music composed by Ennio Morricone, the album Spillane in 1987 and the first album by Naked City in 1990. Zorn then recorded on the Japanese DIW and Avant labels before forming Tzadik Records in 1995, where he has been quite prolific, usually issuing several new recordings each year and releasing works by many other musicians.
In 1993 Zorn recorded his premiere work of Radical Jewish Culture, Kristallnacht, which inspired a re-evaluation of his heritage leading to the composition of the first Masada book of over 300 tunes incorporating kletzmer styles with his already broad musical palette.
In 2006 Zorn was named a MacArthur Fellow.
John Zorn : p00397pv0f9
John Zorn : p00397pv0f9
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John Zorn Bar Kokhba album cover
John Zorn Bar Kokhba  album cover
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John Zorn-The Big Gundown album cover
John Zorn-The Big Gundown album cover
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