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John Wicks is a record producer and songwriter, working with numerous artists in the United States and the United Kingdom. Wicks is best known as the lead singer-songwriter from the UK mod punk band, The Records, who formed in London from the ashes of the Kursaal Flyers, during the 1977 punk rock movement.

As a British punk/classic rock band, The Records recorded three albums for Virgin Records: Shades In Bed (1979), Crashes (1980), and Music on Both Sides (1982). Unlike many bands, The Records lasted through the punk era and into the new wave music scene, before disbanding in 1982. Wicks became a respected producer and songwriter in addition to his work as a solo artist.

Wicks released a series of singles on the Prizm record label in the early 1980s, including "The Way That Love Goes", "Prisoner Of Love" and "Nowhere Left To Run". In 1988, British rock enthusiasts petitioned Virgin Records to release the music of The Records on CD. The fans had their wish when Caroline Records released a best-of collection entitled Smashes, Crashes and Near Misses that same year. In 1990, Line Records Germany remastered and released an album of rhythm and blues flavored punk entitled A Sunny Afternoon In Waterloo.

The Records reunited in the 1990s to record an updated cover version of "Darlin'" for a Brian Wilson/Beach Boys tribute CD. Wicks was impressed by the response to their reunion and vowed to reform The Records. In 1994, The Records became known as John Wicks And The Records, booking shows primarily in the U.S. and UK. Under new management, John Wicks And The Records were awarded an opening slot at the San Diego Sports Arena in California.

By the middle of 1994, John Wicks And The Records recorded Solace In Wonderland, an album of country-rock tinged songs reminisicent of Wilco, Whiskeytown and Ryan Adams. The album Rock 'Ola was released by Rock Indiana in 1998, while John Wicks And The Records were on tour in Spain. "Rock 'Ola" included ten new songs and is considered to be their ultimate comeback album.

Working closely with John Wicks, Angel Air Records released Paying For The Summer Of Love remastered on CD in 2001. In 2002, Virgin Records teamed with On The Beach Recordings to release a deluxe CD edition of Shades In Bed, which featured 10 bonus tracks including every cut from the High Heels EP. In 2005, On The Beach Recordings joined forces with Virgin Records to release a deluxe CD edition of Crashes, which included six bonus tracks.

In April of 2007, after years of speculation and anticipation, John Wicks and the Records released a new CD entitled "Rotate" on the KoolKatMusik label. Although described as an "anthology", "Rotate" contained several new tracks along with a handful of remixed versions of previously issued songs. Five "extra" tracks were also featured on a special, signed, two disc version. Also included, a cover version of the classic Beatles song "We Can Work It Out", which initially appeared on a Beatles tribute CD. "Rotate" is perhaps the most substantial and diverse collection of music released to date by John Wicks and the Records.

The songs of John Wicks have been recorded by 1960s British Invasion band The Searchers (with John McNally and Mike Pender), Mary Chapin Carpenter, Too Much Joy, Michael Monroe from Hanoi Rocks, Euro pop sensation Dominique and numerous other artists. The Records continue to record new albums and tour the world, billed as The Records in UK, and as John Wicks And The Records in the U.S.
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John Wicks : jwicks4
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