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John Brown's Body is an eight-person modern reggae group. As of January 2006, they have released five studio albums and toured across the U.S. for nine years. Their music has been described by the New York Daily News as "more Massive Attack than Marley", and "reverant and revolutionary at the same time", a nod to their futuristic take on reggae music and their ability to put a unique twist on this music.

The group has been called America's best and most original reggae band, and continues to play almost exclusively original material. They have performed with a variety of groups over the years, including Dave Matthews Band, Ozomatli, Broken Social Scene, and Jurassic 5, in addition to headlining across the nation at the theater level. They performed at the Taft School, a private coeducational boarding school in Watertown, CT, in the spring of 2006.

They were awarded "Best World Music Act" at the 2001 Boston Music Awards, and "Best Live Act" the next year.

As a result of the loss of bassist Scott Palmer from cancer, John Brown's Body went under some dramatic line-up changes during the Summer of 2006. Kevin Kinsella (Vocals and Rhythm Guitar, considered by some to be the Godfather of John Brown's Body) has formally left the band on good terms alongside hornsmen Dan Delacruz and Chris "C-Money" Welter. The band is now led by futureroots pioneers Elliot Martin (Vocals) and Tommy Benedetti (Drums).

-Elliot Martin.
-Tommy Benedetti.
-Alex Beram.
-Scott Palmer (d. 2006).
-Nate Silas Richardson.
-Chris Welter (Left Band In Summer 2006).
-Dan Delacruz (Left Band In Summer 2006).
-Kevin Kinsella (Left Band In Summer 2006).
John Brown s Body : johnbrownsbody001
John Brown s Body : johnbrownsbody001
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John Brown s Body : John-Browns-Body-03
John Brown s Body : John-Browns-Body-03
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John Brown s Body : John-Browns-Body-02
John Brown s Body : John-Browns-Body-02
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