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Jet Set Satellite is a rock band founded in 1998 in Winnipeg, Manitoba and originally comprised of only two members, Trevor Tuminski and Dave Swiecicki. After releasing their debut album "Blueprint" in 2000 on Nettwerk Records, they celebrated two Top 20 Canadian hit singles, "Best Way to Die" and "Baby, Cool Your Jets", at rock radio and MuchMusic that year. In 2003, citing irreconcilable creative differences, the band made a rare move and left their record deal with Nettwerk in favor of pursuing their own collective vision for their second release. Having now expanded to a permanent five-piece, the band released their second album "Vegas" independently in 2005 with the title track, "Together", "Remover" and "Please Capture Me" as singles. Currently, they are at work on their third album, "End of an Era", scheduled for release in March of 2008.

Band Members:
* Vocals - Trevor Tuminski
* Lead guitar - Mike Keller
* Keyboards, guitar - Dave "Bulldog" Swiecicki
* Drums - Rich Reid
* Bass - Jay Rink
Jet Set Satellite : jssplp01
Jet Set Satellite : jssplp01
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