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Actress and former student of the The Poor School in Kings Cross Jessie Wallace pictures (pic) and photo gallery.
Born: September 25, 1971 Enfield, London, UK.
Height: 5' 2" (1.57 m).

Jessie Wallace is a popular British actress and former student of the The Poor School in Kings Cross. Her first television appearance was in the ITV police drama series The Bill in 1999.
Wallace is best known for playing the role of Kat Slater in BBC One soap opera EastEnders between 2000 and 2005. In 2001, Wallace won the National Television Awards Most Popular Newcomer and in 2003 Most Popular Actress for her work in EastEnders.
Since leaving EastEnders in November 2005, Wallace has made a guest appearance, as Kat Slater, in the 2005 French and Saunders Christmas special. On February 17, 2006, Wallace was the "guest host" of an edition of the Channel 4 programme The Friday Night Project. She has recently been seen in the one-off BBC1 television drama A Class Apart opposite Nathaniel Parker for BBC1 and as Marie Lloyd in Miss Marie Lloyd - Queen of The Music Hall for BBC Four. In early 2008, Wallace will be seen in People like us, a new BBC Sitcom which will also feature Lee Evans and Alison Steadman.
Wallace has a daughter, Tallulah (born November 2, 2004) by her former partner, policeman Dave Morgan. Before turning to acting, she was a trained make-up artist and worked at the Royal Shakespeare Company for two years.
Jessie is currently living in East London with her 2 year old daughter Tallulah.
Actress Jessie Wallace black bikini pictures
Actress  Jessie Wallace black bikini pictures
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