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Born: July 07, 1965 Canning Town, London, UK.
Spouse(s): Carla Germaine.
Children: Alice, Ava.

Jeremy Kyle biography (bio):
Jeremy Kyle is an English radio and television broadcaster, best known for his own daytime talk show on ITV, The Jeremy Kyle Show.

Radio career:
Kyle began his broadcasting career in 1995 at Orchard FM where he worked in the Sales department. After a brief stint presenting, he was signed by Kent's Invicta FM in 1996. In 1997, he joined Birmingham's BRMB, presenting Late & Live every Sunday - Friday from 10pm - 1am. He also presented Jezza's Jukebox.
In 2000, Kyle moved to the Century FM network, taking this format with him. The show was called Jezza's Confessions. It broadcast between 9pm and 1am. On July 1, 2002, he made his first broadcast on Virgin Radio, presenting Jezza's Virgin Confessions every weekday 8pm - Midnight. In mid 2003 he broadcast the show from 9pm - 1am every weekday and, in January 2004, the show went out 10pm - 1am Sunday - Thursday. The beginning of June 2004 saw his departure from Virgin Radio.
In July 2004, Capital Radio announced it had signed Kyle to present the Confessions show on London's Capital FM from September 5, 2004. The new programme aired from Sunday to Thursday 10pm - 1am including live calls on relationship issues of all kinds. Capital Confessions came to an end on December 22, 2005, to make way for The Jeremy Kyle Show, a similar show which ran from January 2006 to December 2006, at which point Kyle left radio altogether.

TV career:
In 2005 Kyle moved his format to ITV, with a programme entitled The Jeremy Kyle Show. Here Kyle has reached his widest audience to date. His often aggressive manner with guests (parodied by Dead Ringers) has been the source of both popularity and criticism. He is seemingly unafraid of reprisal from his guests, believing that speaking his mind is better than holding his peace. Guests sometimes take offence at Kyle's comments, one guest even attempting to throw a chair at him, but he often justifies his criticism by claiming that he only wants to help them. Kyle recently claimed on air that his show was watched by 1.8 million viewers, a very high figure for a daytime chat show. The programme has also been parodied in the BBC comedy The Life and Times of Vivienne Vyle.
Other shows Kyle is involved with include Kyle's Academy, a ten part series for ITV1 daytime. A team of experts (life coaches and pyschotherapists), headed by Jeremy Kyle take 5 people and work with them over an intensive fortnight to help them on the road to a happier more fulfilled life.
Kyle has also presented Half Ton Hospital, a show about morbidly obese people in the United States.

Family life:
Kyle has one daughter, Harriet, with his first wife Kirsty. He married former model Carla Germaine in 2003, the pair met when Kyle was presenting on a BRMB radio show and Germaine was a winning contestant to be a bride for a controversial Two Strangers and a Wedding contest hosted by the station. They since have two daughters together named Alice and Ava.
Jeremy Kyle : Jeremy Kyle-SPX-015298
Jeremy Kyle : Jeremy Kyle-SPX-015298
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Jeremy Kyle : Jeremy Kyle-SPX-015299
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