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Born: May 26, 1980 Bath, England.

Jennifer Biddall biography (bio):
Jennifer Biddall is an English actress who has played the part of Jessica Harris in Hollyoaks since 2005.
She grew up in Corsham, Wiltshire, and before studying at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, travelled round the Greek islands. She then spent a year in Dallas, nannying for a little boy called Brett and performing with a local acting company, Bucket Productions[citation needed]. Jennifer finished Drama school and moved to London where she appeared in a number of short films before landing her current role.
She was previously a member of Musical Youth Theatre Company.
She has sometimes been credited as Jennifer Bidall or Janet Biddall.
She is currently in a relationship with Robert Kazinsky who plays Sean Slater in Eastenders and is three years younger than her. They met at an awards ceremony in April 2007.
Hollyoaks babes/girls Calendar 2008
Hollyoaks babes/girls Calendar 2008
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