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Composer, performer and music producer Jean Michel Jarre picture(s)/pic(s), wallpaper and photo gallery.
Born: August 24, 1948 Lyon, France.

Jean Michel Jarre biography (bio):
Jean-Michel Andre Jarre is a French composer, performer and music producer. He is highly regarded as one of the pioneers in the Electronic, Synth Pop, Experimental and New Age genres, as well as the organiser of record-breaking outdoor spectacles of his music, which feature laser displays and fireworks, linking music with the surrounding environment and architecture. Jarre has sold an estimated 80 million albums and singles over his career.

His original artistic name was Jean-Michel Jarre but around 1991, he dropped the hyphen in the name.

Personal life:
Jarre was married to Flore Guillard from 20 January 1975 until circa 1977. Later he was married to British actress and photographer Charlotte Rampling from 7 October 1978 until circa 1998. In 2002 he became publicly engaged to French actress Isabelle Adjani, but later she ended this relationship. On 12 May 2005 he married French actress Anne Parillaud.

Jarre has three children:

* Emilie, with Flore Guillard.
* Barnaby Southcombe, Charlotte Rampling's son from a previous marriage.
* David, Charlotte and Jarre's son.
Jean Michel Jarre : p13819pb075
Jean Michel Jarre : p13819pb075
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Jean Michel Jarre : p18558dgvb4
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Jean Michel Jarre : p05406pp475
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