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Birth name: Natasha Jeanett Duenas.
Born: February 27, 1988 Kendall, Florida, USA.

JD Natasha biography (bio):
JD Natasha is a Latin Pop Musician.

Early life:
JD Natasha was born to an Argentine father and a Cuban American mother. She was the second of four children and grew up in Miami, Florida. She started singing in her Church Choir at five and wrote her first song at 11.

According to her Official website she attributes much of her musical style to a musical aunt of hers who exposed her to Classical Rock.

JD Natasha released her Debut Album Imperfecta-Imperfect on July 13, 2004, under the EMI International Record label. The album with tracks in both English and Spanish caused her to be immediately likened to other Latin Artists who have crossed over in to the English Speaking American Market. An item of note is that JD Natasha did not build up a Latin American fan base then release albums in English but released her Debut album in both markets at around the same time. Her album has received a Parental Advisory Label by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).
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JD Natasha : JD
JD Natasha : JD
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