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Jag Star is an alternative rock/pop band from Knoxville, Tennessee. Originally formed in 1998, the band has released four independent records, and have a number of singles on a compilation album. The band has seen several line up changes and has toured extensivley since 2000. Of the original line up listed on the bands first EP "The Beginning", only Sarah and J. Lewis remain. The current line up includes Sarah Lewis (lead vocals, songwriter, keys), Brad Williams (drums), Just J (guitar), Drew Gilch (Bass) and Jay Daniel (Bass). Although listed as a current member, Jay Daniel has not performed with the band in recent months.

Lead singer/songwriter Sarah Lewis has won a number of awards including the overall winner in both the 2002 USA songwriting competition for the song "Mouth", and the 2006 We Are Listening competition for the song "Does Anybody Know". She was runner up in the 2001 John Lennon Songwriting competition, and winner of the 2007 Next Big Hit competition, which landed Jag Star a weeks feature on iTunes. In 2007 Sarah was also chosen as a "Wet 'n Wild Fresh Face" and was featured in the company's beauty product national advertising campaign.

AFE Military Tours:
Jag Star has completed three AFE tours in support of the United States and Coalition Troups. These tours included a Middle Eastern tour and Southeast Asian tour in 2003, and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba in 2007. Countries that the band performed concerts in for Armed Forces Entertainment include Afghanistan, Pakistan, Qatar, Bahrain, Kyrgystan, Singapore, Guam, Diego Garcia, Kwajalein, and Guantanamo Bay.

-Sarah Lewis.
-Brad Williams.
-Just J.
-Drew Gilch.
-Jay Daniel.
Jag Star : JagStarBlue
Jag Star : JagStarBlue
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