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Jack's Mannequin is a piano rock band from Orange County, California. A solo project of Andrew McMahon that started in 2004, the band's debut album was released in August 2005. In June of that year, McMahon was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. After he made a full recovery, his album, Everything in Transit, was received with positive response by fans and critics. They are currently signed to Sire Records.

Andrew McMahon's professional music career started out initially as the lead vocalist and pianist for the well-known California piano rock band, Something Corporate. The primary impulse behind McMahon's solo project Jack's Mannequin was a song he recorded in December 2003 titled, "Locked Doors." He felt the song was too different from previous Something Corporate material to be one of their songs. He realized that if he ever decided to release it, it would be on a solo album rather than a Something Corporate record. The idea seemed outlandish until late summer of 2004 when both McMahon and his bandmates were exhausted from months of touring. They decided to take a temporary break. During his time off, McMahon laid down piano and vocal tracks for a song on Hidden in Plain View's Life in Dreaming and two songs on Tommy Lee's Tommyland: The Ride.
While Something Corporate's other songwriter and lead guitarist Josh Partington created a side project of his own called Firescape, McMahon started writing his own songs. He never expected the songs to be released. McMahon took a more therapeutic approach in writing these songs, resulting in a more personal and intimate testament of his songwriting. They dealt with "coming home, and having home be way different than I had remembered it [...], abandoning a lot of people, and things, that I had normally been so attached to [...], exploring and being okay with myself, and not having to make excuses for who I am, and accepting who I am", McMahon stated in an interview. Although he just planned on recording them, the songs really began to take shape collectively. He paid for the production out of his own pocket, which ultimately led to a record deal with Maverick Records. The first album titled Everything in Transit was released in August 2005 and received a positive response from fans and critics alike. A summer tour was scheduled to support the record release, but was cancelled after McMahon was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and had a bone marrow transplant. After Jack's Mannequin releases their next album, Andrew says that he will probably be going back to Something Corporate. The band is going back into the studio in the summer of 2007 to record the next album. On August 6th, 2007 Andrew posted the lyrics to a new song called "Cellular Phone" on his blog, which they played live at Lollapalooza 2007. The song is expected to be on their new cd, scheduled for release in 2008. McMahon has stated his hope to release the new cd in March 2008.

-Andrew McMahon.
-Bobby Anderson.
-Jay McMillan.
-Jonathan Sullivan.
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Jack s Mannequin : Jacks-Mannequin-mv02
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