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Hopewell is an American rock music band. The band was founded by Jason Russo, of Hopewell Junction, New York. At 19, Russo joined Mercury Rev for a world tour, and then struck out on his own with a band named after his hometown. Hopewell's first album was The Curved Glass, which was followed up with 2005's space rock opera Hopewell & The Birds Of Appetite -- an album produced by Dave Fridmann, of Flaming Lips fame, and featuring the song "Calcutta."

The band has toured extensively since 2004, including tours across the US and most recently in the UK.

In 2006, the band recorded a new album, Beautiful Targets, in the upstate New York wilderness. This album was released in July 2007. The band has also toured with several notable acts, including (but not limited to):

* Brian Jonestown Massacre
* The Sleepy Jackson
* British Sea Power
* The Comas
* The Black Angels
* Elefant
* Goldrush
* Mark Gardener
* Mike Watt
* The Posies
* The Lovetones

-Jason Russo.
-Jay Green.
-Rich Meyer.
-Tyson Lewis.
-Lyndon Roeller.
Hopewell : Hopewell-mp02
Hopewell : Hopewell-mp02
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Hopewell : Hopewell-mp01
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