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Hopesfall was a post-hardcore band from Charlotte, North Carolina formed in 1998. They were signed to Trustkill Records. As of 2007, with the exception of Jay Forrest, no other members remain, thus a name change is said to happen, thus prompting a "new band", it is unknown whether they will play Hopesfall songs after the change as they are said to go and record soon hoping for a spring 2008 release.
Hopesfall started as a Christian hardcore band in 1998. It released its first album, The Frailty of Words, soon after on the Christian hardcore/punk label DTS Records. Although The Frailty of Words remains to this day the band's longest album, it has been out of print for many years and is no longer acknowledged by the band on its website. Much of their popularity came later with 2001's No Wings to Speak Of EP. Shortly after the EP was released and a few member changes later, Hopesfall released The Satellite Years. It was recorded by Matt Talbott (former frontman for the post-grunge band Hum) in his Great Western Recording Studio. During recording, Hopesfall asked him to contribute vocals to the track "Escape Pod For Intangibles". The album received positive reviews, and continues to remain popular. The release of The Satellite Years, saw Hopesfall no longer considering themselves a Christian band, as well as the forced departure of guitarist/vocalist Ryan Parrish.
Two years later, the band released A Types, an alternative rock-inspired album showcasing a softer sound. The album is almost completely devoid of the high-end screaming, spacey atmosphere, and long melodic interludes that filled The Satellite Years. The dramatic style shift was unpopular with the band's fan-base, and did not receive the same positive critical response The Satellite Years did. Only two members that played on The Satellite Years returned to the recording studio for A-Types (vocalist Jay Forrest and founding member/guitarist Joshua Brigham).
Former drummer Adam Morgan returned to the band in late 2005, following Adam Baker's departure. However, he has left the band since then and was replaced by Jason Trabue.
Their latest album, titled Magnetic North, was released on May 15, 2007. Chandler Owen contributed artwork for the release, and has designed all releases to date.
In July of 2007, Hopesfall released the following statement: "Some of you have been inquiring why we haven't been touring as of late. For the past few months we've made a major lineup change to tour our latest release "Magnetic North". After recording the new album a lack of desire to be on the road to support "Mag North" became apparent. We are all very proud of our accomplishments with this record. In assembling a new lineup my hopes are that we generate interest in a) the music my former band-mates and I created "Mag North" and b) the new material my current band-mates and I have begun to write. We have some exciting tours lined up including ventures w/ the junior varsity, the receiving end of sirens, and oceansize to name a few."
It appears that the only remaining member is singer Jay Forrest, which means that the following have departed: Joshua Brigham (guitar), Dustin Nadler (guitar), Jason Trabue (drums), and Mike Tyson (bass). According to the group's MySpace, the current line-up now consists of Forrest in addition to Cory (guitar), Paul (guitar), Joe (drums), and Rob (bass). Joshua Brigham left Hopesfall to join the Peace Corps.
Hopesfall is now considered by many to be it's own cover band since the band has been through two full line-up changes and no original members remain. They have also announced in September 2007 that they will be changing the band's name, but the name change will mean an official end to the Hopesfall era (after the change happens, it will officially be a new band).
According to the Hopesfall MySpace page, replacements Paul Cadena(guitar) and Robert Charles DeLauro (bass), for Dustin Nadler and Mike Tyson respectively have been replaced by Andy Balfour (guitar) and Josh Johnson (bass). They left the band because "this ship is going down."
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