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Birth name:Herborg Kraakevik
Born:December 28, 1973 Norway.
is a Norwegian singer and actress, known for her works with Norwegian folksongs and some stage works and many movies. Her more famous roles being her debut as Eliza in My Fair Lady (1997) and Julie in Romeo og Julie (1997).
Herborg gained much success when she in 2000 released Kraakeviks Songbok, a CD that included her interpretations of several Norwegian folk songs, including Den Fyrste Sang and a musical version of the poem Til Ungdommen by Norwegian poet and author Nordahl Grieg (distant cousin of the composer Edvard Grieg).
Kraakevik then had a leading role in Det største i verden (2001) as Petra. More recently, she was chosen one of Norway's ambassadors to the 2005 Hans Christian Andersen Association.
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herborg kraakevik : 1
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herborg kraakevik : 3
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