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March 17, 2008: "Heather Mills Wins 24.3 million, $48.6 million Divorce Settlement From Sir Paul McCartney"

Heather Mills has won a 24.3 million, $48.6 million divorce settlement from Sir Paul McCartney.
It has been reported that she originally wanted 125 million, $250 million.

Heather may have won the 24.3m divorce payout, but that didnt stop her from mouthing off yet again.
She reportedly launched into a tirade on the steps of the High Court slagging off Sir Paul McCartney, the legal system, the media, and her critics.

Paul McCartney had initially offered 15.8 million, Heather eventually reached a settlement of 24.3 million.
The lump sum of 16.5 million is made up of 14 million for Heathers income requirements, which the judge assessed as 600,000 per year, and a sum of 2.5 million for her to purchase a property in London.
Financial provision for Paul and Heathers daughter Beatrice is 35,000 per year, and Paul agreed to pay for his Beatricess nanny and school fees.


Actress HAYLEY MILLS pictures and photo gallery.
Birth name:Hayley Catherine Rose Vivian Mills.
Born:April 18, 1946 London, England.
She is an English actress, In 1998, she was awarded the prestigious Disney Legend award by The Walt Disney Company.
In addition to her Disney movies, Mills took the lead in several other films, notably Whistle Down the Wind (based on the book of the same title written by her mother Mary Hayley Bell), The Truth About Spring (with her real father, John Mills, cast as her father and James MacArthur as the love interest), and The Chalk Garden.Hayley is currently starring in the ITV 1 Sunday-night drama Wild at Heart.
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hayley mills : 1
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