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Birth name: Matthew Hall.
Born: October 1, 1964 Woking, Surrey, England, UK.
Height: 5' 9" (1.75 m).
-Magda Archer (? - present) they have two children.

Harry Hill biography (bio):
Dr Matthew Hall is better known as Harry Roy Hill, is an English stand-up comedian and author who has graduated to being a star of British television by way of a BBC radio series Harry Hill's Fruit Corner. He was born in Woking, Surrey and educated at Cranbrook School in Kent, and holds a medical degree from St George's Hospital Medical School.
Hill's humour is quirky almost to the point of surrealism. In way of illustrating this, the comedy historian Oliver Double described Hill as being "Ronnie Corbett possessed by the ghost of Salvador Dal." His character has a trademark appearance, comprising a bald head, thick black spectacles, pens in his top pocket, small badges on his lapel and a comically oversized shirt collar.
Harry Hill is one of many alternative British comics associated with the Avalon Promotions comedy family.
In 2003, he was listed in The Observer as one of the 50 funniest acts in British comedy. In a 2005 poll to find The Comedian's Comedian, he was voted amongst the top 50 comedy acts ever by fellow comedians and comedy insiders. In 2007 he was voted number five on Channel 4's hundred greatest stand-ups. On December 13, 2006, he won two Highland Spring British Comedy Awards, over the favourites Ant and Dec, which Harry made light of in his acceptance speeches.

Radio and Television:
Starting in 1993 and running for four series, Harry starred in his own BBC Radio 4 programme, Harry Hill's Fruit Corner.
In 1994 Harry made the transition to television, where he produced and starred in six episodes of a show called Fruit Fancies. The name was somewhat similar to his radio show at the time Fruit Corner and was transmitted on BBC Two in 1994. This was a 10 minute episode series and was filmed in black and white with little or no dialogue. One of the episodes documented Gandhi's twin brother Alan Ghandi, who ran a car dealership.
From 1997 Harry had his own Channel 4 television series called The Harry Hill Show (listed simply as Harry Hill on screen) which ran to three series. The show was essentially a reworking of the Radio series Harry Hills Fruit Corner. Among the regular characters were Harry's big brother, 'Alan' (played by the comedian Al Murray) and his adopted son 'Little Alan' (played by Dr. Matt Bradstock). A DVD of the show, consisting of all three series, is currently in production.
Burt Kwouk appeared in every episode of the Harry Hill show and occasionally, Harry's major live standup shows. Kwouk plays Harry's 'Chicken Catcher' and each week he will have an excuse as to why he has not yet captured a chicken, followed by singing the song Hey Little Hen and dancing. It was odd that such a star was performing in such an amateur and ridiculous fashion, and therein lay the joke: Kwouk would do almost anything for a joke on Harry's show, as long as it was slightly demeaning. In later series Hill and Kwouk appeared in sketches as Karl Lagerfeld and Gianni Versace.
Harry's wife May Sung also made appearances on the show, mainly around the theme of trying to steal Harry's savings book.
Another favourite on the show was Stouffer the cat. Stouffer is a curious-looking cat glove puppet made of blue rubber. Stouffer normally sits in a throne supported by a rubber 'Rod Hull' arm. Harry employs Stouffer to intimidate guests in his standup routines and as part of a strange children's TV parody sketch on his TV show. Stouffer's catch phrases are Respect Due and He Got A Big Face.

The end of each episode was supposed to host an event called 'The Badger Parade': a strange parade of puppet badgers. But every week there would be some kind of problem resulting in the badgers being unable to perform. In place of the badger parade, Harry would usually sing a song, with a guest he had invited onto the show.

2001 saw Harry move to ITV presenting an all-new show Harry Hill's TV Burp, which has had six series so far. The show is a comic look at the week's television, picking out and commenting on lines and scenes from various programmes. Also on ITV1 was The All New Harry Hill Show, similar to his Channel 4 show, but with a bigger budget and more celebrity guests. Regular features included the Hamilton Challenge (featuring the disgraced political couple Neil and Christine Hamilton), and a Butterfly in Blue Jeans finale.
In 2004 Harry became the new narrator & fourth presenter of You've Been Framed, a programme in the "funny home videos" genre.
2005 saw Harry move into new territory with Harry Hill's Shark Infested Custard, a 13-part show broadcast in the CITV slot. While many of his previous characters including Stouffer and Garry Hill (Hill's fictional layabout son from his first marriage) remained, it also showcased several new characters including Speed Camera Boy, about an outsider who is half boy and half speed camera, and Evelynne Hussey and her amazing instruments. While the show featured a game show element, Help the Aged, it was very similar in structure to The Harry Hill Show.
In 2006 he appeared in Children's Party At The Palace for Queen Elizabeth II's 80th birthday. He was also on he appeared on Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway on October 14, 2006, alongside Al Murray, and on November 8, 2006 he appeared on The New Paul O'Grady Show.
Recently Harry is remaking Beadle's About.

Harry's instantly recognisable voice often lands him in voice-over roles on television commercials. For example, he starred in Christmas adverts for Boots in 2004 and provides the voice over for You've Been Framed.

Harry Hill has established a tight and successful standup structure in which he employs the comedic process of 'reincorporation' to a uniquely obsessive degree. He sets up a number of running themes and slips in and out of each thread without warning. Harry is one of the comedians set on his way by Malcolm Hardee.
His routines are usually smut-free and he seldom employs harsh language. There is often a sexual undertone to his work but his humour appears grounded in petty 'old time' attitudes and conservatism.
Occasionally, such as in his 1997 Man Alive show he employs video footage. In this case, a short movie featuring himself and Matt Bradstock called The boy with the big face was presented at the beginning of the show.
Stouffer the cat usually appears in his standup; in later shows, riding on the success of his TV series, Burt Kwouk and other characters from the TV show would also show up.
Harry has also developed many catchphrases over the years including "what are the chances of that happening?" after a bizarre routine and "pork and lamb: they're the main two" in relation to chops.
He has appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman seven times with Letterman saying about Harry, "I like that guy, there is something wrong with him." He also at one point held the record for the British comedian with the most appearances on Letterman, as of 2005.

In 2003 Harry Hill's first novel, Flight from Deathrow, was published. It is is based around the unlikely antics of real-life celebrities and politicians as seen through the eyes of the storyteller, whilst in and out of a coma.
His second book, Tim the Tiny Horse, was published in October 2006, and his third, The Further Adventures Of The Queen Mum, in October 2007.
Also available is Harry Hill's Fun Book: a Christmas spin-off from his Channel 4 TV show.
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Harry Hill : Harry Hill-SPX-015188
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