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Birth name: Hiram King Williams.
Also known as: Hank Williams.
Born: September 17, 1923 Georgiana, Alabama, USA.
Died: January 01, 1953 (age 29) Oak Hill, West Virginia, USA.
-Audrey Shepard (divorced).

Hiram "Hank" King Williams was an American singer, guitarist, and songwriter who has also become an icon of country music and Rock 'n' Roll, and one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century. A leading exponent of the Honky Tonk style, he had numerous hit records, and his charismatic performances and succinct compositions increased his fame. His songbook is one of the backbones of country music, and several are pop standards as well. He has been covered in a range of pop, gospel, and rock styles. His legend has only grown since his premature death at the age of 29. His son Hank Williams Jr., his daughter Jett Williams, and his grandchildren Hank Williams III and Holly Williams are also professional singers.
Hank Williams Sr : p17668l91m2
Hank Williams Sr : p17668l91m2
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Hank Williams Sr : p18023j9b9f
Hank Williams Sr : p18023j9b9f
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