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Birth name: Radric Davis.
Also known as: Gucci Gucci.
Born: Bessemer, Alabama, USA.

Gucci Mane biography (bio):
Gucci Mane is an American rapper from Atlanta, Georgia. Davis was born in Bessemer, Alabama, and moved to Atlanta during the 4th grade, attending Shy Haven Elementary School and first began recording in the studio at the age of 14 while attending Ronald E. McNair Junior High School. He later, in June 1998, graduated from Ronald E. McNair Senior High school. His single "Icy" (music video directed by Lisa Cunningham) has become a major hit (debuted at #24 on Billboard Hot Rap Song Charts), and his album, Trap House, (which came out the day he was released on $100,000 bond for murder), debuted at #101 on the billboard 200. Gucci Mane has sold half a million albums independently. Gucci Mane's second album was released on October 24, 2006, titled Hard 2 Kill.

Young Jeezy:
A mixtape called Street Certified Vol. 2 was released with disses toward Young Jeezy from another artist on Big Cat Records named Black Magik, with Gucci only on a couple of them. Jeezy never responded to Black Magik's disses as said in one of the songs: "Gucci ain't bang first, I shitted on you, constipated and all I shitted on you, I left an enema output on yo face.". The three songs that were mainly Gucci Manes disses are: Round 1 (Gucci Mane vs. Jeezy), Mini 14 (Round 2), and 745. He is beefing with Young Jeezy, and BMF. Jeezy actually did respond to one of the disses, the track is called "Stay Strapped" and it is placed to the instrumental of T.I.'s "A.S.A.P." Also in 2005 Gucci Mane released tracks on a Big Cat mixtape with shots aimed towards former artist signed to Big Cat named "C-Time." C-TIME fired back along with Young Jeezy on a track called "BIG CAT PRESENTS CUCCI MANE." Since then the feud has continued but neither artists have yet to speak publicly about one another. Young Jeezy then fired back with the song "Streets on Lock" where he is quoted saying, "What type a real nigga name himself after a bag / Nigga yous a hoe, a Louis Vutton fag." In turn, Gucci Mane replied on his 2007 mixtape "Ice Attack" on the track "The Benchwarmers". In 2006 Gucci Mane was most recently featured in an article on, where he expressed his eagerness to get out the Atlanta Independent Label, Big Cat Records. He signed a major deal with Atlantic Records. A few months prior to that Gucci Mane was arrested and held in Dekalb County Jail in Atlanta, Georgia for parole violation. His hip-hip publicist Pam Pinnock went on record and said he was not arrested, but only detained while documentations were being reviewed by the courts.

He also has beef with Jay Z. In one of his records, he refers to wanting to confront him in a New York night club. The record is called 745, which disses Young Jeezy also.

Gucci Mane recently put out a diss track insulting multi-platinum rapper T.I. titled "What Kinda King (I Smell Pussy)". Gucci Mane apologized over the phone through an interview about the diss song towards T.I., consulting that he thought that "Tell 'Em I Said That" song by T.I. in the cd T.I. Vs T.I.P. was about him, after T.I. told him the song was not about him.

New Label:
Gucci Mane has created his own label under the Asylum/Atlantic records, the new label is called So Icey Entertainment. So Icey Entertainment has a group called So Icey Boyz.Gucci Mane himself, D.G. Yola, OJ Da Juice, Courtney Money, and the newest members King Khris and D-ONE.Currently, Gucci Mane has the video to Freaky Gurl in rotation.

Homicide Charges:
On May 10, 2005, Gucci Mane was visiting the home of a stripper named "Foxy" with an unidentified friend. Moments after arriving at the home, the doorbell rang, and Foxy answered the door to five assailants who began attacking Gucci Mane and his friend. Gucci Mane was armed, and let off several shots before the assault ended. Gucci Mane would later describe the shootings as self-defense. Three days later, during filming of BET's Rap City, Gucci Mane was informed that there was a warrant out for his arrest. The warrant was related to a body found, that day, near a public school in Decatur. The body turned out to be that of Henry Lee Clark III, a rapper from Macon, GA, who was performing under Young Jeezy's label, Corporate Thugz Entertainment. Gucci Mane was undergoing a feud with Young Jeezy at the time. Gucci Mane turned himself in to police on May 19, 2005.
The charges were dropped on December 30, 2005, with police stating they did not have enough evidence to try him for the murder.

* Attended Ronald E. McNair High School in Atlanta, GA.
* Gucci Mane is signed to Atlantic Records.
* Gucci Mane's selective producer on both of his studio albums "Trap House" and "Hard 2 Kill" is Atlanta-based producer Zaytoven of Familiar Territory.
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Gucci Mane : Gucci-Mane-tt01
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Gucci Mane : p59068zgn0c
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