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Birth name: Maxwell Dixon.
Also known as: Grand Puba Maxwell, Grand P.
Born: March 4, 1966 New Rochelle, New York, USA.

Grand Puba biography (bio):
Grand Puba is a rapper best known as a member of the group Brand Nubian. He debuted with the group Masters of Ceremony. Their album Dynamite (1988) was hailed by critics, but probably due to lack of sales the group soon disbanded, and Puba emerged as the lead rapper of Brand Nubian. After their innovative and versatile debut album One For All (1990) - covering areas from reggae-influenced rap to new jack swing - Puba left the group and embarked on a solo career. He became a member of the group again in 1998, in time for the album Foundation. In 1999, Puba and groupmate Sadat X performed on the track "Once Again" on Handsome Boy Modeling School's concept album So How's Your Girl. . . . Following the group's 2004 effort Fire In The Hole, a rejuvenated Puba appeared on tracks with Beanie Sigel ("Bread and Butter", also featuring groupmate Sadat X), Missy Elliott ("My Struggles" featuring his onetime collaborator Mary J. Blige), and Ugly Duckling ("Party Goin' Down Tonight").
Grand Puba : p10348qa291
Grand Puba : p10348qa291
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Grand Puba : p03385ha5l8
Grand Puba : p03385ha5l8
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