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Birth name: Gerard Arthur Way.
Born: April 9, 1977 Summit, New Jersey, United States.

Gerard Way biography (bio):
Gerard Arthur Way is an American musician who serves as the frontman, lead vocalist and co-founder of the band My Chemical Romance. He is the elder brother of the band's bass player, Mikey Way. Way currently resides in West New York, New Jersey.

Way was born in Summit, New Jersey to Donald and Donna Lee Way. Raised in Belleville, New Jersey, he first began singing in fourth grade, when he played the part of Peter Pan in a school production of the play. His maternal grandmother, Elena Lee Rush, taught him to sing, paint, and perform and has referred to her in interviews saying 'she has taught me everything I know'.

When Way was 15, he was held up at gun point. He stated in a Rolling Stones article: "When I was fifteen, I got held up with a .357 Magnum, had a gun pointed to my head and put on the floor, execution-style. No matter how ugly the world gets or how stupid it shows me it is, I always have faith."

After graduating from Belleville High School in 1995, he attended the School of Visual Arts in New York City, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1999.
On September 3, 2007 in Colorado after a show, Gerard married Mindless Self Indulgence bassist Lyn Z. The pair tied the knot following the final date of Linkin Park's Projekt Revolution tour. A member of tour promoter Live Nation's staff, who is also an ordained minister, performed the low-key ceremony. Gerard's representative and MTV have confirmed it.

The Umbrella Academy:
Way recently began his established career as a comic-book writer, writing for the comic miniseries, The Umbrella Academy. The Umbrella Academy was first unleashed in the Dark Horse 2007 free comic book day issue on May 5th. Since then, an eight-page story was put up on MySpace, entitled Safe & Sound and the first official issue was released on September 19th 2007. The first issue sold out and there will be a second printing on October 17th 2007.

Music and My Chemical Romance:
In 2001, Way was working in the comic industry in New York when the September 11 attacks occurred. This event changed Way dramatically; he told Spin magazine, "I literally said to myself, 'Fuck art. Ive gotta get out of the basement. Ive gotta see the world. Ive gotta make a difference!'" Soon after, he formed the band My Chemical Romance. The band's first song "Skylines and Turnstiles" was inspired by Way's experience on 9/11.

Music turned out to be an effective means for Way to deal with his long-time battle against depression, alcoholism, prescription drug and illegal drug abuse, leading to the creation of deeply personal songs such as "Helena", written after the death of his grandmother.
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Gerard Way : gerard way
Gerard Way : gerard way
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