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Birth name: Gerald Padua Santos.
Born: May 15, 1990 Navotas, Metro Manila, Philippines.

Gerald Santos biography (bio):
Gerald Padua Santos is a Filipino singer and actor. He is the grand champion of the second season of Pinoy Pop Superstar and is, to date, the youngest ever winner of the said contest. He is known as "The Boy Balladeer."

Gerald Santos joined an amateur singing competition in his hometown to pay for his mother's slipped disk operation. He won the competition and won the prize money he needed. Currently, he has sung in SOP World Stars and other shows on GMA Network. He will cohost Popstar Kids on QTV. He has also appeared in concerts byRufa Mae Quinto and K Brosas. Santos's debut album was released on November 5, 2006 under GMA Records, entitled A Day on the Rainbow.

Santos has done some work in acting as well; he appeared as Gerry Balunbalunan in I Luv NY and portrayed his own life story in Magpakailanman, making him the first PPS finalist to ever portray his or her own life story on television.
Gerald Santos : gerald santos 49
Gerald Santos : gerald santos 49
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Gerald Santos : geraLd
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