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Born: July 17, 1957 Ealing, London, UK.
Spouse(s): Phil Vickery.

Fern Britton biography (bio):
Fern Britton is an English television presenter. She currently co-hosts ITV1's daytime television show, This Morning.

Early life:
Britton attended Dr Challoner's High School at Little Chalfont and the Central School of Speech and Drama where she trained in Stage Management.


After working with a touring theatre company she started her broadcasting career in 1979 at Westward Television in Plymouth, the then-incumbent ITV regional company, as a newsreader on the nightly local bulletin Westward Diary. Around the time that Westward lost its franchise in 1981, Britton moved to the local BBC headquarters as a presenter with Spotlight in the South West before moving to BBC One's News After Noon, becoming the BBC's youngest ever-national news presenter. She then went on to present with TVS, hosting Coast to Coast, Coast to Coast People, The Television Show and Magic Moments.

She has since worked on a variety of programmes including Carlton Television's After Five, BBC's Breakfast Time, GMTV, London News Network's London Tonight, and as a guest reporter for BBC Ones Holiday. She also appeared in the first two series of The Brian Conley Show. In 1994, Britton presented the popular television cookery gameshow Ready Steady Cook which she continued to do until 2000, when chef Ainsley Harriott took over. In 2002, Britton was the host of the Pride of Britain Awards. She has also appeared twice on the satirical panel show, Have I Got News for You, which she later guest presented on April 27, 2007. In 2006, UK DJ Shitmat named a song after her, titled The Fern Britton Experience. This Track can be found on the album 'Hang The DJ`.

In 2006, Britton co-presented the reality television show Soapstar Superstar, and in the same year co-hosted the British Soap Awards. She has also made a guest appearance on the comedy show Extras. On May 3, 2007, Britton hosted the Classical BRIT Awards at the Royal Albert Hall and she also co-hosted the British Soap Awards 2007 with Phillip Schofield.
Currently, Britton co-hosts the popular magazine television show This Morning along with Phillip Schofield, who are infamous for their outbursts of laughter and giggling. She has hosted This Morning since 1999. When Britton joined the show, This Morning saw viewing figures rise considerably. Since Britton and Schofield began presenting This Morning, the show has won the TV Quick Award for Best Daytime Viewing in both 2003 and 2004, and a National Television Award for Most Popular Daytime Show in 2004. In April 2007, Britton celebrated her 25th anniversary as a television presenter and on July 13, 2007, whilst Britton was presenting This Morning, members of her family appeared on the set after the show had organised a mini-celebration for Britton's 50th birthday.
In 2007, Britton presented her own nostalgic ITV1 Saturday night series called That's What I Call Television. In each show, she was joined by a celebrity co-host who hand picked their favourite TV moments from the 1980s, and then re-united some of their original stars. Julian Clary was her first co-host, followed by Matthew Kelly on the second show, and finally Bradley Walsh for the third. Another one off, and a Christmas special are expected in December 2007.

Other work:
In 1988, Britton took part in a Cinderella pantomime where she played as the main character Cinderella.
Britton has appeared as herself in advertisements for Ryvita Minis. The adverts began with Britton consuming some Ryvita Minis with her head superimposed on the body of a skinny woman in her dressing room. Someone would then come in and dress Britton in a fat suit, before she went on to present television. She continued to appear in the advertisements in 2007, which brought the new catchphrase "Britton loves Ryvita."
March, 1998 saw the launch of Britton's first book, Ferns Family Favourites published by Andre Deutsch, written with cook and home economist Susie Magasiner. The book is a collection of sixty of Britton's favourite recipes and tips on preparing food for the busiest of cooks. In October, 1999 Britton released her second book Winter Treats and Summer Delights (Andre Deutsch).

Personal life:
Fern is the daughter of the actor Tony Britton and the half-sister of actor Jasper Britton. Her husband is celebrity chef Phil Vickery with whom she lives at Holmer Green in Buckinghamshire with their children, twins Jack and Harry, born 1994 (from Fern's first marriage), Grace, born 1996, and Winnie, born 2001.
Recently Fern has been criticised in celebrity magazines and newspaper columns about her weight and body image. This began after photographs of her emerged on holiday in a swimming costume. Fern hit back at the abuse she received in late 2005 saying "I would rather be big and happy than on a diet and miserable". Many people however believe that she is a good model for larger women, like Dawn French.
On April 14, 2007, according to The Sun, Britton was voted the "UKs favourite big and beautiful celebrity", where she described herself as a "jolly size 16" and is a strong believer in healthy eating, but admits she is not a follower of diets. Britton was also voted the "UK's top mum" in 2007.
Fern Britton : Fern Britton-SPX-015286
Fern Britton : Fern Britton-SPX-015286
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