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Birth name: Fadl Abdulrahman Shumnder(فاضل عبدالرحمن شمندر).
Born: April 1, 1969 Lebanon.

Fadl Shaker ( Ibn EL Genoob), was born on April 1st, 1969 in Saida (Sidon), a city in Southern Lebanon. He lives in Beirut in a small town called "Marta'ala". Fadl Shaker is married to his wife Nadia, and has two children, Mohamed and Alhan. He's also expecting a third child.
Fadl musical talent started early in his age, at the age of 15. Early in his singing career, he performed many original songs by Arab legends like Um Kalthoom, Abdul Haleem Hafez, Fareed El Atrash, Mohamed Abdul Wahab and many other famous singers of his generation as well. He had to overcome many obstacles and hardships as a young aspiring singer before achieving fame.
In 1997, he was discovered by an agent from the recording label Stallions Company, and was signed on to produce three albums. This was Fadl's first significant career break.
Fadl released his first album Wallah Zaman in 1998, which had eight original songs, including: Meta Habeby Meta, Nazra Wahda. Some of these songs were composed and written by such known Arab stars like Salah El Sharnoby and Ahmed Sheta.
The second album was "Baya'a El Qolob" released in 1999, and the title song hit # 1 on all charts in the first week of the album's debut. The song was also very popular on radio stations throughout the Middle East. Due to the overwhelming success and huge sales of the album, Fadl decided to produce two music video clips, the first was for the song "Baya'a El Qolob" and the second was for "Eesheqtak". As a result of his first album's astonishing success, Fadl was catapulted to become one of the top superstars in the Middle East.
His third album was "El Hob El Adem", released in 2000. It included very famous songs like "Ash Men Shafak". This album was also a huge success, just like his previous album. It topped all charts as well. His third album "Hobak Khayal" was released in 2001, and contained 10 songs this time, and was produced by Al Khoyoul Company. It contained songs like "Hazzak Ya Qalby", "Men Kotr Hoby Feek", and "El Maraya".
In 2002, Fadl recorded and released his first duo with the renowned Arab gulf singer Nawal. This duet topped the charts for five months straight, and broke all sales records in the Arab world. It was voted by music critics as the best duo in the history of Persian Gulf music. Its success was also complemented by the release of a hot music video clip, directed by Ahmed El Doghajy.
In the first album, Fadl Shaker composed three of his famous songs (Meta Habeby Meta, Maserak Habeby and Ya Tkon Habeby), and one song in his 2nd album "Malet Ana A'azar". He didn't compose any other songs in the albums that followed.
In 2003, Fadl released to the radio stations his new smash-hit ballad Ya Ghayeb, which was voted the Best song for 2003 by the radio stations. It became a big hit before the album or any music videos were released. The song reached # 1 status on all Arabic stations in the Middle East. Fadl bought all rights of the tune for his song from the Greek composer and singer Sotis Volanis, and the lyrics were written by Prince (Turky Bin Abdel Rahman El Sudairy), who also wrote another song of Fadl's coming album called Dehkat Eldony.
As of 2007, Fadl Shaker is working on a new album composed by him.
Fadl Shaker was always concerned about singing Maqamat, the hardest of Arabic melodies, and he always tried to preserve the true Arabic musical style in all of his songs. His songs are known not to have any western melody influence. Fadl is known for his unique singing style, and as a result, has built a huge fan base throughout the Middle East.
During his musical career, Fadl has won many prestigious music awards in the Middle East, and in just four years (1998 - 2002) he became one of the Middle East greatest music legends. He was nicknamed by his fans as "Malek El Romansia" or 'King of Romance'.
Fadl Shaker also performed in major Arabic Festivals in many Arab countries like Egypt, Lebanon, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, and other countries worldwide. He recently performed with other well known Arabic singers, in a big festival in Palestine in honor of the Holly Intifada.
Fadl enjoys fishing on his boat at the shores of his birth city ( Saida ),and also enjoys most water sports. He loves to play the Piano, and listen to old and modern music with his wife and kids.
Fadhel shaker
Fadhel shaker
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