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Birth name:Esta Terblanche
Born:January 7, 1973 in Rustenburg, North West Province.
She is a South African actress, best known for her roles on television soap operas in both South Africa and the United States.
She first became popular when she was crowned Miss Teen South Africa in 1991.
In 1997, TerBlanche was cast in the role of Gillian Andrassy on All My Children, which gained her even more popularity. The role of Gillian, a princess, was very popular for TerBlanche. After much drama, Gillian married Ryan Lavery, played by Cameron Mathison, and it seemed that they would live happily ever after. After four years on the show, Gillian was killed off in 2001 in a surprising and highly controversial move. TerBlanche asked to be written out of the show so she could move back to South Africa. TerBlanche made a guest appearance on Egoli: Place of Gold in 2004.
esta terblanche : 1
esta terblanche : 1
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