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Sometimes credited as: EriK Truffaz.
Born: 1960 in Switzerland.

Erik Truffaz is an important French contemporary jazz trumpeter, infusing elements of hip hop, rock and roll and dance music into compositions. He leads a quartet consisting of Pat Muller (piano), Marcello Giuliani (bass) and Mark Erbetta (drums). Truffaz is known worldwide from his second Blue Note album The Dawn that has been produced together with Pat Muller, Marcello Giuliani and Mark Erbetta. Since then they produced many Blue Note albums together. One of them has been Silver Album in France Bending New Corners. The Last release Arkhangelsk is a mixture between pop songs, french songs, and Jazz-groove
Best for his improvised style of playing, having signed with the French EMI label in 1996. In 1999 the Truffaz quartet joined with vocalists Nya, releasing their album The Dawn Blue Note to critical acclaim. The last Erik Truffaz Quartet album is with singers Ed Harcourt and Christophe.

Erik Truffaz Discography (albums):
* Arkhangelsk (2007).
* Face-a-Face (2CD Live + DVD) (2006).
* Saloua (2005).
* The Walk Of The Giant Turtle (2003).
* Magrouni (2002).
* Revisit (2001).
* Mantis (2001).
* Bending New Corners (1999).
* The Dawn (1998).
* Out Of A Dream (1997).
* Nina Valria (1994).
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Eric Truffaz : p233503h3u3
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Eric Truffaz : p59362ge3ni
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Eric Truffaz : p40987zhvt1
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